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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
4/1/12 12:33 A

Don't quit.

NAESREALITY Posts: 1,021
3/29/12 12:36 P

Hang in there! I start over EVERY day. I have 100 pounds to lose and have not been successful yet, Key word YET. It is going to happen this year. I would be happy to ck in with you and help you be accountable as I need it as well. I spend a lot of time on here this go around. This month I spend an average of 3 hours a day on this site. I have been doing some of the seated exercise videos they have. I homeschool my 6 year old so while she is working at the table I sit next to her to oversee her work and to stay "plugged" in here. I try to walk a least a mile a day as well, when I go pick my 16 year old up from school we stop at the park for 30-60 minutes each day. I am determined that this is the year that I get under 170 pounds. Let me know if you want to be my Buddy.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
3/5/12 8:02 P

Don't quit.

JEBARTON Posts: 19
3/5/12 1:13 P

Well, day one on the journal. I posted one thing that feels like it will work for me (positive thoughts) How I use the Nutrition Tracker. I feel great today, it has been a while since I have felt I could say that. We joined the Y Saturday, too late to use it Saturday though, and closed on Sunday. We are going in today at 3 for at least an hour. Wish me luck. I am going to start on a bike and take a walk.. of course on machines. They have an outdoor pool, YES.. so excited.. of course it i snowing today!
I wrote on one of msg brds that I needed help in getting my husband’s help.. LOL. rather stopping his HELP on my efforts. He eats fried food.. all the time and argues that it is not a problem. I don't argue because he just keeps on until I agree, or I just shut up. Of course he is 5'3" 245 lbs, as big around as he is tall, cannot bend over (blames it on his back) there is a lot more I could say, but should not . I want to focus on my actions, my success. I am hoping if I start losing and feeling better physically he will want to join me, not sure that will happen, but I can hope. My favorite pass time was motorcycle riding. But I wrecked last September and totaled my Sprotster. I WILL get another one. Long story I knew that accident was going to happen and will not again. I enjoy fishing, gardening, swimming and the computer. I work all day on the computer, then come home and get on again. I need to trim my sitting time. I think one goal I need to set is the amount of time I spend.. not working on the computer. How much time do you spend on this site a day, on average? I have to think this through and come up with a goal.. ACTION ITEM. Set a limit. TV is not a problem. I rarely watch TV, though Ace has it on.. ALL DAY. He is the typical COUCH POTATO. LOL and gets upset that I do not pay attention. Well at 20 minutes.. tomorrow. I am looking forward to opinions, discussions and disagreements.. on anything I say here. Have a great day.

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