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ACDKAYAK Posts: 249
6/26/12 9:46 A

SWIMMING -- and secrets...

OK so the secret first ...well sort of the secret, my husband and kids know....I want to do the IronMan in Kona by my 50th year...that would be 2018. Ironman has a saying "Anything is Possible"...I look at myself in the mirror and think..."yeah right"....but then I remember where I was a few short months ago...and and think "YEAH RIGHT!"....I mean 6 years is a long time to train...its not like I am saying I want to do this in 6 months or anything. So that is what I want...

To get there I need to be able to swim 2.4 miles (in the ocean...COLD ocean...with a zillion people trying to drown me), then bike 112 miles, then run a marathon. enough time I could do the the biking (I am positive that my "enough time" is more than I need to alot since I think you have 17 hours to complete the race). I could not do a marathon unless I was driving it or biking it...and swim 2.4 miles HA!

I am currently working on my running....I started the C25K yet again and am in week 2. I could have started at a later week as I know I can slowly jog about 15 minutes or so, but I wanted to improve my speed, so i started over, on the dreadmill so I could clock my speed.

Biking...working on that....completed an 80 mile ride a couple weeks ago and though I am too slow for the big race I have confidence I can get there.

Swimming....eeek...I am a decent swimmer...but my breathing sucks and I have zero endurance. Tonight I am taking step one and diving into a masters program and hope I am not over my head (sorry for the puns...couldnt help it). I had a long chat with the coach last night and explained that I am 70 pounds overweight with lofty goals....can he help...will I be holding up everyone else. He assured me that he could help me. My hope is that I can do a half mile with confidence by Sept 9th, but not sure about that one...i will give it a month and see how I feel and how the coach feels and then if there are still spots available I will sign up. Oh yeah for is a sprint triathlon with a lake swim. I am confident on the other legs (16 miles swim and 3.2 miles run), but the 1/2 mile lake swim has me shaking.

So all of this, this journey, is about facing down fears. Not letting imagined obstacles get in the way. It is about telling my husband that 2-3 times a week he needs to handle putting kids to bed so I can attempt to not drown for 90 minutes. But that is what is needed...a focused persistence to reach my goal. And if I have met that goal and the bazillion intermediate ones along the way I am positive that the weight will fall off my body and I will be (and look like) the athlete that I am.

ACDKAYAK Posts: 249
6/25/12 11:55 A


Day 7:
Completed week2 day2 of couch 2 5k
On Saturday rode 32 miles at an overall avg pace of 11 mph
worked out 7 of the last 9 days

I am feeling ok....rather frustrated with the scale though.
only 1 pound I need to be honest with is 1 pound down from my guessed start maybe, just maybe I underestimated my start weight....wouldnt put it past me.

I have reached out to the master swim coach in the area. I would love to start doing that a couple times a week. I think the first couple weeks it will be really really really hard to complete the 2 hour workout...but the only way to get better is to work.

That is also what I tell myself about my cycling...I HATE hills...when I was doing the 80 mile Tour de Cure...I had this interesting conversation in my head..

ME1: I hate hills
ME2: so what...keep pedaling
ME1: they are sooo hard though...i am so weak...why cant they be easier?
ME2: the only way to make hills easier is to do more hills...keep pedaling

i think the exhaustion was getting to me because it was truly like I had two sides of my head talking....I did keep pedaling though and I did complete that hill (as well as a zillion others that day)...and I didnt quit cycling...but I still hate hills

I guess if it was all easy then everyone would be doing it, right?

The one good thing about swimming? no hills! at least not the physical kind.

I wonder if I can be ready for that open water tri in sept.....despite the hills.

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ACDKAYAK Posts: 249
6/20/12 11:35 A

Day 2: Completed week1 day3 with no issue. Looking at things, though, I need to get in more workout time than the 30 minutes. Felt strong running. Did the last 2 intervals at a tad faster than normal. Feel confident that my plan for the running will work.

Food-wise I did OK yesterday. broke down a bit with the cheese and crackers offered before dinner. I was very nervous about this dinner and realized I was eating to stay occupied....need to break that habit...wish it was socially acceptable to pace :)

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,607
6/19/12 11:46 P

My adult children do the P90X and now the P90X2 work out and they have had fantastic results. You can be the person you want to be. Just stay with it.

ACDKAYAK Posts: 249
6/18/12 9:02 P

Day 1 (again): I have been here so many times I cannot count. Never give up. I know that I am stronger, even if I am not thinner. I restarted C25k last week. Decided to start at the beginning, on the dreadmill, making sure my run intervals were at or faster than what I want to run my next 5k. I will be on the dreadmill for 3 weeks, working out after I drop kids off at camp in the same location.

Discovered that I mindlessly snack...duh. But today I allowed myself to snack as I wanted, but measure and track...663 calories wasted on peanuts. without that I would have been in my calorie range without I know.

Hoping to get a ride in on Friday afternoon. tomorrow i will be lifting and swimming before work.

i think if I can be good on calories I will drop the weight...i just need to be good and HONEST

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