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11/16/12 3:25 P

I personally don't care for the 3-2-1 formula she uses, I tried another from another instructor that also used it and felt similar (The other instructor was Chris Freytag and I think it was lower impact than 30DS so you might like it better--I don't recall the name of the workout as I sold it and 30DS). I don't like the one minute of ab work as my heart rate recovered too much so I don't feel I get good enough aerobic benefit from these workouts, and the strength is often a little light--more endurance oriented so it was limited there too.

But if you like it, you might find you also like creating your own workouts that fit this structure. There are plenty of options for smart phone interval timers or online timers and if you find one that allows for three intervals it is easy to do. Set one for 3, one for 2, and the other for 1. Or just set it for two intervals and do core work at the end (I prefer that). You could get ideas for the exercises from Spark or from another site like I think it was 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and one minute abs (or do I have the strength and cardio reversed as it has been years since I did these).

Another option, there are a lot of workouts that alternate between strength and cardio but don't use the 3-2-1 formula. One that comes to mind are the Jari Love "Get Ripped 1000" and Getted Extremely Ripped 1000" and all the 1000's (I have only tried those two). I don't know if there are any that are 30 minutes but she has premix options. I always just did the entrire workout which was an hour, but the premixes may divide it into shorter workouts. They alternate between cardio and strength and have a low impact option for the cardio (involving a step). I used them last holiday season to help with damage control from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and didn't gain any weight despite holiday eating and not tracking food intake (I don't recommend this though) so I think their calorie burn is pretty good (though not the "up to 1000 calories" it boasts, well probably someone would burn 1000 calories doing these it depends on the person's size, etc).

But generally I prefer to do cardio workouts and separate strength workouts and just do fewer of each (like alternate days, 3 cardio and 3 strength). I think that is more effective for me in terms of actually improving both strength and aerobic fitness. But the best exercise is whatever you are motivated to do!

11/15/12 11:24 P

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Maybe try something low impact for a while and stretch afterwards? I've been enjoying a Lesley Sanson vidio(5 big miles) and easing into the shred vidio. I had to modify the modified exercises at the beginning :)

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11/15/12 2:01 P

Do you wear sneakers when you do the 30DS? I don't know if this would solve your problem or not

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11/15/12 2:00 P

While I didn't like that it didn't have HEAVY lifting, I did really enjoy the BeFit in 90 program that is free on YouTube. It's a mix of different 10 minute segments and a 5 minute warm-up for a totaly of 35 minutes each workout. I probably could've lifted heavier had I had the plates I needed for my dumbbells, so you could make it more challenging as well. The vido segments change after 30 days. I think there's like 5 or 6 that rotate on different days.

I also have Shape's Bikini Camp workout DVD that has 3 different 30 minute workouts, and I enjoy it quite a bit. The library is a really good resource for trying out new workouts. Kickboxing can be lots of fun, but you'd need to add in your own strength training. Coach Nicole has some good videos on here as well.

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11/15/12 1:56 P

I used the JM 30 Day Shred a couple of years ago (only tried level 1) and LOVED it but trying it again now, it makes my legs hurt - not in an "I'm so sore from working out" way, more like I'm one workout away from shin splints. Maybe I need more cusioning (hard wood floors). Maybe I'm just getting old. Has anyone else had this probelm? I really love the cardio/weight/ab circuit and the fact that it's under 30 minutes. Any recommendations? Maybe for a similar video?

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