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QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/27/10 11:37 P

J - had a great day, work was okay, went walkabout, spent time in the lab, then shopped with my daughter
E - ST and walking today
M - stayed within my calorie range
S - finally walking again

QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/27/10 12:44 A

J - nice, lazy day
E - did my ST this morning
M - stayed within range, 4 servings of fruit!
S - good day all around

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/26/10 11:21 P

*Congrads on your new niece Kissy! Woohoo!
*Hey Quilting great to see you! so sorry about your cat, hope you are feeling better! I bet your gdaugh. sounded like an angel singing just for you!
*Please Join us Helena!!
This weekend Jems....
Today Sunday
J- was still camping, played alittle kid tennis with addie at campsite, packed up and went to DD to hang around pool w/Mom, DD & GD's!
E- not much today but about 15 min tennis w/addie. Sunday is my one day off from exercising.
m- over limit but not a blow it day!
S- vits, didn't eat over blow it limit (2000cals is my blow it #!) wanted to stick in a pot pie bad, but didn't! Yoohoo for me!

Plan to do better tomm, did great this weekend considering it was a party 24/7!

J- woke up to big bkfast potluck, hung around at campsite when not exercising. fun day!
E- over and hr of ex. 40 min walk, 30 min of tennis. brought a kids portable tennis net and played with hubs. than... Took another walk in the evening! Yoohoo.
M- w/i cals. at limit.
S- made good choices all day, even put fruit bowls out when everyone was munching and drinking and munched on watermelon instead. Drank Diet coke!
Great camping day for me!!

Remember girls today is a new day! We can do this together, some days are harder than others esp wkends! Eat small, drink big and move!!!! emoticon

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KIZZYM Posts: 2,181
9/25/10 3:24 A


J- today i got a call into work unexpectedly. BUT VERY GOOD...i love being dependable and making money. I did OK for food intake, I did go a lil over 200 calories my 1200 calories for the day at work. I worked from 4:30 pm - 10:15 pm with a 13 minute break, work was SLAMMED and i stood on my feet all day except with 13 min break. So when I got off work I felt like a snack size mcflurry with Reese' TOP THAT OFF....when i went home my buddy had bbq food all cooked and i couldn't say no to that. So I went WAY OVER calorie intake and didn't really measure my TODAY was a cheat day for i work, so i'll be better planned with my menu


M - 1810 CALORIES PLUS!!!!!

S - i have a neice that was just born yesterday. She was born a month earlier than expected but is healthy. She was actually born a few days before her brother turned 6 years old which he will turn this coming monday.

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QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/24/10 10:00 P

J - one of my cats died yesterday, so sad
E - did my ST this morning, but no walking
M - no fruit today, but stayed within calorie range
S - got to see my granddaughter sing at school

HELENA260 Posts: 1,083
9/24/10 7:56 P

Thank you!! I really like how you reflect!! I will try this!!!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/24/10 5:31 P

woohoo for you kizzy! I have some bad news, i am leaving for the weekend so I will be doing my jems in a purse journal while gone. Please keep yours going and I will put mine in when I get back. sunday! For today so far!
J- tennis this morn. Won all 3 sets. woohoo! now packing for camping. Brought alittle kids tennis net with me and will get at least 30 min of some form of ex in each day! walking prob.
E- 2 hrs tennis
M- at 550 right now, planning a big salad for snack and spaghetti for dinner!
S- vits, ex, posted, have pkt journal for wkend, weighed in this morn -1 for the week so far. Planned and brought healthy foods for camping!

KIZZYM Posts: 2,181
9/24/10 1:21 A

*J- 2ND DAY OF EXCELLENT HEALTHY LIVING. Hectic day at work. Just started last week. Been here in california for a month and the fast food place where i work at is the only one that says I'M HIRED! Once i found out I was working today, I planned my meal for the entire day and stuck to it. The original draft I would have consumed over 200 calories over my goal of 1200, but I sacrificed not having the chipotle bbq grilled chicken snack wrap.

*E- 60 min walk.
*M- 1200 calories

*S- made overdraft of menu today, found out that I went over calorie limit so I sacrificed a fave food of mine.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/24/10 12:01 A

J- went shopping w/mom and brianna my gd! then off to tennis, won 3 of 4 sets. Oh sore muscles
E- 2 & 1/2 hrs tennis
M- w/i cal range.
S- vits, ex, posted, ate early most cals so went to tennis w/o late dinner. No biggie. Last meal 4pm.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/23/10 6:00 P

welcome Kizzy! Glad you are here! Horray for you for doing so good yesterday! glad you found us! I hope you make a commitment to stick with us during the BL season. Just push 'save" above your comment and it will be listed on your spark favorites on the right side of your posts. Easy to access! I know this works if you are doing good or not to keep you accountable. I have done it in the past and got to goal wt. Nice to meet you!! Till tonight when I post my jems... ~Maci~ emoticon Quilt hope to see your post tonight too!!! Big hellos to you both! Cam and Nubody where are you??

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KIZZYM Posts: 2,181
9/23/10 2:53 A

*J-STARTED HEALTHY EATING AND EXERCISE TODAY.the biggest loser show has always been an inspiration for me. I will definitely stick to it til the end of the finale. I started measuring and counting calories.
*E- 60 min walk.
*M- 1180 calories
*S- started healthy eating and exercise yesterday. Will continue and see what outcome is by the finale of the biggest loser season this year.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/23/10 12:46 A

great job walking today!
J- lost in tennis tournament today, oh well can't win em all! good ex though. shopping w/DD at cosco and commisary. Watched survivor with Hubs. good night!
E- 2 hrs league game
M- just w/i cal range. Thank god! alittle scared I might go over 1500 but didn't!! woohoo!
S- vits, ex, posted, cal range, started to snack at tournament and stopped mid range. Made up for cal intake later. Oh life is good!!

QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/22/10 10:53 P

J - great day at work - all caught up
E - 40 minutes ST, 35 minutes walking
M - eating not so good, had Panda Express today
S - walked today!!

CAM2438 Posts: 4,646
9/22/10 12:39 A

I love it!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/22/10 12:12 A

HOpe you got crackin with those school books! awsome on the F&V's!!
J- took addie(granddaughter) shopping and to the dentist! Than tennis in the afternoon, watched Sister Act w/GD's later. Fun!
E- 2 1/2 hrs tennis .. Oh my legs are acking!
M- w/i cals. just made it over 1000.
S- vits, ex, posted, made wise choices all day! Started my day with a bowl of cantelope!

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QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/21/10 12:17 A

J - ST this morning, work and then homework. Mid-term tomorrow and I NEED to study. Really shouldn't wait until the last minute. You would think I would have learned that by now!
E - 40 min lower body ST
M - ate good today, 6 servings of fruits & vegies, but went over by 36 calories
S - 6 servings of fruits & vegies - go me!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/20/10 11:56 P

J- tennis this morn, won 2/out of 3. went and watched BB team , drove Annie home. home all day afterwards. The gkids came over.
E- 2 hrs tennis
M- under cal limit today. opps.
S- vits, posted, ex, ate fruit at tennis buffet. Good choice!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/20/10 4:59 A

J- went to DD home in the morn to hang out w/her,mom, and Teresa. than home, big nap! ran errands w/Jim , home for movie
E- none. Sunday!
M- over cals today
S- vits, posted, chose salad because of taquitos lunch.

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MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/19/10 1:10 A

Quilt- sounds like a great day! Hooray for you!
J- watched good movie w/hubs this morn. was in PJ's until 2pm! felt so good!Than off to run errands than to a party! Danced all night. Woohoo!
E- danced at least 60 min.
M- w/i cal limit. Just under 1500
S- vits, ex, posting, jems, made good healthy lunch. didn't graze at party!

QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/18/10 9:46 P

J - good day of house cleaning (cardio), ST and homework
E - ST for 40 minutes, heavy house cleaning for 60
M - still under calories for today
S - lots of exercise, good eating and lots of homework!

QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/18/10 1:35 A

J-exercise, work, walking
E-ST, lower body for 40 minutes
M-went over a bit today, but okay with it
S-finally able to walk today!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/17/10 11:46 P

Doing a quickie, hubs is awaiting our movie datenight!
J- tennis 2 hrs, lunch & shopping w/friend, dinner out at pick up sticks w/DD and gdaughter, and now home for movie night and snuggles with hubs. great day!
E- 2 hrs tennis, walking around mall at least 3o min!
M= w/i cal limit! just under 1500
S= ex, posted, cals, salad instead of FF at lunch and chose muffin for dessert at bakery!

Oh life is good! Till tomm! ~Maci~

QUILTINGQUE Posts: 3,110
9/17/10 2:26 A

J-back to work after being out all week - still nauseous, but I couldn't lay around anymore. Did well in my meeting!
E-ST, upper body for 40 minutes
M-good choices today - stayed within my limits
S-No cardio, but ST and good on my calories!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/17/10 12:35 A

Weds and Thurs
J- League game, lost! boohoo, but it was sure fun! first loss of the season. Had Mom and her hubs over for birthday dinner.
E- 2 hrs tennis game.
M- just over cals. OK! alittle extra bday cake
S- vits, ex, didn't eat 2nd lunch with team friends. Had enough lunch off league snack bar. Woohoo for me!

J- ran errands w/Mom for her birthday. + facial! than ran errands w/DD, came home and took long nap. Played tennis at 6pm! won all games! Queen of court tonight! Woohoo.
E- 2 hrs tennis
M- w/i cal limit
S- vits, ex, had hamburger with tomm only on it at lunch! No eating after 8 pm for a few wks now. Yahoo!

NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/15/10 8:51 P

J- work, work, work and more work. attended 1st skate nite of the school year.
E- 60 mins of strength training / 60 mins boot camp
M- good to go
S- gotta luv protein!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/15/10 6:54 P

I can't believe I forgot to post! ugg.
J- league game. Won! yahoo! than home to hangout!
E- 2 hr tennis game.
M- w/i limit
S- vits, only had one brownie off league table, and fruit! gave cookies away except 1 later in the day.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/13/10 11:56 P

Nubody, yes confession is good for the soul and the Way to go on the walking! bootcamp and good food choices!

J- went to bed around 4:30am couldn't sleep than up at 8am for tennis. Oh it was hard to get out of bed! tennis, than went to visit my old tennis team. Fun! Girlscout meeting in the afternoon. In PJ's already

E- 2 1/2 hrs tennis. sore muscles. tomm have a league game at 8am.

M- w/i cal limit

S- vits, ex, .posting, all is good!

NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/13/10 7:41 P

Maci - at least u can confess ur "sin" and move it! that's what it's all about!

NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/13/10 7:39 P

J-a little sore from yesterday's walk. still waiting to get work laptop fixed. :(
E-45 mins of boot camp
M-w/in limits and loving that i'm getting more protein in! woot woot!
S-instead of taking the trolley from the parking lot to the office, i walked to the office and to my jeep!

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MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/13/10 4:39 P

Sunrise do it with me! It is so much easier and fun when I do it with company. As you can see I have some really successful days and some "not" so successful. Whatever you are doing it is easier with another person cheering you on. Please join me everyday! Push the save button and It will come up as a spark favorite and easy to find on the right of your screen! Hope to see you back. ~Maci~

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
9/13/10 6:45 A

I do this to it makes me accountable! emoticon

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/13/10 5:18 A

Sat & Sunday

Sat- Had nice morn with gkids. than stood up by hubs and friends, horrible day. Dinner w/other gfriend. That at least had it's good moments, than home to pist hubs. Lovely
E- none.
M- didn't journal, but prob just over cals.
S- vits, good healthy dinner.

Had a mad munch in the afternoon, but not to bad.

J- worked out hubs stuff, went to greek festival w/youngest daugh. Really fun! played in mixed doubles tennis party w/hubs..Went to winner's court and had to play against hubs! 2 girls against 2 guys. They won barely! 7/5. Awsome game! the girls were all cheering for us!
E- 2 hrs tennis and walking around festival
M- didn't post yet but am sure when over with party food and margaritas. OK with it, back on track this morn!! It's 2am now.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/10/10 10:37 P

Friday Day 19
J- tennis this morn, lunch w/hubs & friend, dinner at home with Kacie, mike and gkids. Brianna & Addie (gdaugh's) spending night,
E- 2hrs tennis
M- just a tinge over cals. 1560 approx. OK about it!
S- vits, ex, staying centered with lots of energy all around me today.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/10/10 2:12 A

Thurs day 18?
J- home in the morn. felt good. Lunch w/tennis friend, tennis game w/hubs 6pm. visited renters new baby. Awsome.
E- 2 1/2 hrs tennis! won all games.
M- w/i cal range difficult to stay on track today
S- vits, ex, posted, didn't eat all the times and things wanted to today. After 8 super hungry had a 1/2 of an orange. Going to bed now!

confession: Last night in the PM was my first blow it binge since I started. Because of it I knew today was going to be hard. It was. I had found in the fridge some choc goodies I had forgot about. Once I got started I was a gonner. After hrs had nuttybars, 1 serv size of cheezits, and 1 serv size of sunchips. Not telling thie to make you hungry, just know that the secret foods keep us fat! Today was a success! Yahoo~

NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/9/10 9:06 P

J-worked, watch son play football scrimmage, clean house
E- 60 mins of abs/upper body and 60 mins of boot camp
M-stayed w/in limits but had some sweets..yikes!
S-drank plenty of h2o, continuing to add more protein to my diet.

NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/9/10 3:31 P

emoticon congrats on your tennis game! I really like this b/c it's a nice reflection of my day.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/8/10 7:34 P

Oh I am so happy to have you join me Nubody and October! I really love to do this w/others. Isn't it great for accountability!!

Weds Day 17 for me!
J- 1st league tennis game, Won! lunch & carpool w/tennis partner, and going to a play tonight Ms Siagon!
E- 2 hrs tennis
M- w/i cals so far but have to go over alittle to factor in dinner.
S- faced my fears on the court! came in after lunch and posted Nut pts, posted on sparkteams.

For you newbies, I have a system of my cal intake
under 1000cals is under cals to me!
1000-1500 is within (w/i) cals
1500-2000 is over cals
2000+ is a blow it day! *so far no blow it days in 17 days! * a few over cal days, *Mostly 90% w/i cals. before Sparks I blew it alot! It's just a matter of time before my days will add up and I will be slim and trim. Glad you are joining me on that journey!! ~Maci~ emoticon

Just got back from the play. Went over cals, 2090 should of stuck to diet coke instead of hot cocoa. Oh well first blow it day, tomm I will do better! Till tomm girls.

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NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/8/10 6:52 P

Here's my day:

J-went to work, checked son's homework, did school project w/ son
E-ST for 60 minutes, Boot Camp for 60 mins
M-So far, so good! yippee!
S-Ate more protein as needed, tracked all foods.

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OCTOBER2842 Posts: 57,478
9/8/10 6:52 A

I like this to
J going to dentist today
E walked treadmill 60 minutes burn 300 calories
M plan ahead
s day is not over yet

NUBODY4ME Posts: 479
9/8/10 5:46 A

I just saw this post for the first time - I like this idea. I will start today! Thanks for sharing this.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
9/7/10 11:30 P

Dau 16 back from Arizona!
J- drove home from Arizona, saw gkids, went and picked up rent from Mobile. put in all ex & foods ate last Tues-Friday! did great!
E- haven't done anyyet. Will do my 200+!
M- w/i cal limit. barely!
S- stayed on track all week! posted for today and past. Chose McD cone instead of Thriftys!

Last Tues - today on track!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/30/10 11:38 P

Monday day9
J- did housework all day , dr's appt birthday dinner with Mike, Jemma, Mom, Dave & kids. fun!
E- housework non stop for a few hrs,
M-just over cal limit. barely. opps.
S- posted instead of ate during hard craving time, vits, still on track! Got good med news today.

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MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/29/10 11:23 P

Sunday day 8
J- movie marathon day! watched mad men w/jim, em is spending the night.
E- walked for 30 min to pier from movie theatre
M- w/i cal limit
S- -5 pds!, posted, vits, ate gbar at movies instead of candy good day! Tomm need to ex bad!

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MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/28/10 9:40 P

Saturday Day 7!
J- scouts spent night, did biscuits in the box oven, scout meeting,bonfire, than off to the waterpark, successful day! Home now and tired!
E- not much, walking around water park, super sore from yesterday, tennis and dancing,
M- w/i cals.
S- didn't eat extra food last night, didn't overeat snacks at waterpark, w/i cals, vits, posted

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/27/10 8:00 P

Friday day 6!
J- tennis, board mtg/lunchen at Bev's, scout mtg tonight! Sleepout under the stars.
E- 2 hrs tennis!
M- w/i cal limit, I put in dinner ahead of time, need to stay on plan!
S- exercise, Vits, did good at mtg organizing today, am organized for scout mtg too! Oh.. life is good and busy today!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/27/10 12:10 A

Thurs /day 5
J- bkfst w/hubs and brianna,worked on puzzle w/Jim, groc shopping w/Kacie, home w/gdaugh today. tennis at 6pm won2!
E- 2 1/2 hrs extreme tennis
M= Low cals today.under 1000. need to have more next time
S-good food choices.Vits, bought healthy foods today, ex, was able to stay on courts 2 1/2 hrs even though legs were sore.

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/25/10 11:10 P

Weds day4

J- tennis practice, in & out w/caroline & Jim, gdaughters and Leah over playing, golf w/Em and John,Dinner at the golf course, home to watch movie w/Jim.great day!!
E- 2+ hrs playing tennis, walked golf course played golf.
M- w/i cal limit. Had to many FF!
S- finished tennis practice, (hard to sunny!) but did it anyways. didn't touch FF at lunch. Put snack pretzels in bowl and made sure has less than a serv. posted all foods, ex, spark teams, msg boards, vitamins. and made ice crm exchange to lower cals to stay w/i range. Good day!

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/24/10 10:24 P

J- tennis in the morning, lunch at the country club w/friends, watched a movie w/hubs, went for a beachdrive and ice cream. Planning a jacuzzi later.
Another great day!
E- 2+hrs tennis
M- w/i cal range
S- ate B before tennis, great choices for lunch, salad instead of ff, hubs offered me his ice crm I said "NO thank you", vits, feeling good all day. emoticon

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/24/10 6:42 P

True examples:
*J- went to beach, jet skied with friend, swam in pool with gdaughters, watched movie w/hubs at night
*E- Not today! day off! only ex mon-sat.
*M- w/i cal limit!
*S- started sparks, posted and made spark page, stayed w/i cals, joined spark team, vitamins, got in water today instead of just watching!

*J- gma day! took gdaug shopping, watched movies w/her, took sunset walk w/hubs. great day!
*E- 30 min walk
*M- w/i cal limit (under 1500)
*S- good pos attitude! stayed w/i calrange, made good food choices, walked even though wanted to sit on couch! took vitamins! posted!

Will post todays Jems at the end of the day! Please join me! ~Maci~ emoticon

MACILINN Posts: 6,604
8/24/10 6:31 P

This works! I lost 30 pds a few yrs ago being accountable try it for a week and see if it's for you! This is the format:

J-journal what you did today or how you feel!
E-exercise (what kind and how long)
M-meals (w/i cal limit? good?bad? choices etc.)
S-Success's-big and small towards your health goals!

It's fun, fast, and easy! ~Maci~


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