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5/25/12 3:21 P

ANARIE~~Thanks for the advice. I usually make sure I take a PowerAde or Gatorade with me & drink it after lunch when it really warms up. I'll have to get some of the sugar-free ones. emoticon

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
5/25/12 2:32 P

"Water toxicity" is really more of a lack of electrolytes. If you sweat a lot and then drink huge quantities of water all at once, it's possible to mess up the balance of sodium, potassium, etc inside and outside your cells. But we're talking gallons of water, not cups. Even if you do lose sodium from massive sweating, you probably get plenty back when you eat your lunch. And before you get water toxicity, you get a horrendous headache. If you ever find that you're getting headaches *after* drinking water, you might want to drink one sugar-free sports drink instead of two of your glasses of water.

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5/25/12 9:47 A

excess of everything is bad so yeah i guess but if it's hot at ur workplace dn it means u sweat alot too so i think it's okay to drink double of 8 glass...also important is dat u r not forcing down da water.

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5/25/12 9:13 A

the big issue with drinking a lot of water is holding it in. so do go by your urine. if you're dark yellow and not much, you need more water. if you're going entirely clear and in large quantities, you need less.
for me, i usually drink 2 20 oz water bottles year round at work, and then have another 32oz split up before and after work, for a grand total of 72 oz a day. ish. if i exercise that adds another 20oz bottle or two. in the heat of summer [i live in florida] i can drink an extra liter or two of water [33 oz each] and still be closer to dehydrated than not.
it's all about putting back in what's coming out [through urine, sweat and moisture loss]. so if you're losing more, you need to replace more [though your body will take moisture from whatever you eat too].

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5/24/12 9:52 P

MARITIMER3.....I think you're probably right. And you're DEFINITELY right about getting up during the night.

I work on an assembly line & if I need an "emergency" break, I have to wait for someone to take over my job before I can go. Ugh! I told my husband I hope my body gets used to all this water before I go back on Tuesday or they won't like me very much. emoticon

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5/24/12 9:47 P

DIETITIANBECKY...Thank you. I have heard of "water toxicity" & don't want that to happen. I think you're right, I'll be ok under the circumstances.

5/24/12 6:33 P

While it is possible to have "water toxicity"; what you describe sounds appropriate and safe. You are working in a hot environment, you are thirsty, and therefore you are drinking water.

SP Dietitian Becky

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5/24/12 6:29 P

I don't think there is any problem if you drink too much water... except having to get up a couple of times during the night. In hot weather I often drink 10 glasses.

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5/24/12 6:26 P

Is it possible to drink too much emoticon water per day? I know the "rules" say 8 glasses, but what if I drink double that? It's very hot in the factory I work in during the summer months & I sometimes drink much more than 8 glasses per day.


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