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10/17/12 3:18 P

Thank you so much Coach Denise. It took me a while but it is done and I love it so much more this way. Makes it quicker to find a recipe now. Have a great rest of the day.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,555
10/17/12 2:33 P

You would need to create new cookbook collections for those categories and then go to each recipe and click on the link to add the recipe to a collection. You can then select the collection category you want to add it to. It will then still be listed in your original collection (unless you remove it from that collection), but it will also add it to your new collection too.

Hope that helps!

Coach Denise

DIANEINTN SparkPoints: (77,777)
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Posts: 2,843
10/17/12 11:59 A

Is there a way to organize the recipes I have collected? Example--all soup/stew/chili recipes into one collection labeled that. All dessert recipes into a collection--Desserts. Chicken recipes into Chicken and so forth. Presently all my recipes are in Diane's collections and it would be so much easier to find my recipes if they were grouped. So if anyone knows how to remove them from my one big collection and place them in "grouped" collections, I sure would appreciate the instructions. Thank you.

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