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7/8/12 10:38 P

I am looking for an active Spark team that does a weigh-in on Friday. I say active because I want to participate and not be the only one trying to lose.

I've been reading over the Spark teams and have been hoping to find one that is doing a "lose weight" challenge with a Friday weigh-in, but so far I have been unsuccessful. I already belong to a couple of teams that do weigh-in's during the week, but I need more accountability so would like to find one that weighs on Friday's and has an active chat thread.

If you know of such a team, please Spark mail me or post it here so that others will be aware too. I have been disappointed with so many of the teams because they do not actively seek to lose weight or do challenges. Many of the teams have been marked as "inactive". For this reason, I have quit being a member of some of the teams that I had belonged to.

Looking forward to hearing from someone about a FRIDAY (or even a Thursday or a Saturday will do) weigh-in because I'm very, very interested in this. Thank you so much to anyone who replies.

ginger (ROBBGIN)

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