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8/10/11 1:50 P

I use FF Greek yogurt for all my dips now. Mix in some adobo and cumin for a yummy spicy sauce, some horseradish and powdered mustard for beef, you name it it works.

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8/7/11 6:11 A

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8/6/11 6:32 P

just this week, I used plain yogurt, which I allowed to drain for about a half hour (to make the equivalent of Greek yogurt), ground cuminseeds, parsley, mint, cucumber and garam masala to make a raita for a side dish. It was fabulous.

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8/5/11 9:53 A

mix it with fresh salsa to change up your salsa a little bit

put on top of potato

JRY823 Posts: 3
8/5/11 12:12 A

If you can find the hidden valley ranch fiesta "salsa" dressing powder at your grocery I would highly recommend it! Gives a little spice to the tangy greek flavor- pairs really well with raw broccoli or red pepper strips. enjoy!

JUDIEB1946 Posts: 119
8/3/11 1:24 P

I have used plain Greek Yogurt instead of cream cheese and Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch powder dip mix. About 2 cups yogurt and 1 packet of the dip mix. It can be powerful so use your judgment when adding to suite your taste. Great with veggies or chips (I use veggie chips which are lower in fat than potato chips).

Everyone I had tried really liked it and plan to do the same.

SCRAPLYN Posts: 264
1/19/11 7:56 P

You can make Tzatziki, which is the sauce you get on a gyros. It's good as a dip and a spread. Here's a nice recipe:

You can make it pretty much any way you want, though. I sometimes just use the yogurt, garlic, cucumber and dill and mix it up. Sometimes I add onions.

ASK4JJG Posts: 1,795
1/18/11 2:34 P

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
1/18/11 8:02 A

Yes, I often use yogurt as a dip, just replace the mayo called for with yogurt... tasty!

1/18/11 1:32 A

Plain greek yogurt seems sour enough to make dips out of. Am I right?

It would be nice to be able to use healthy greek yogurt to make a dill dip, ranch dip, and even a salad dressing.

Since I usually do not find success with experimenting in the kitchen, I have to ask... any recipe ideas?

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