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4/19/12 11:37 A

maybe as a reward you could get him a new belt, and tell him its for all his hard work.

i only nag my boyfriend when he gets low on his meds and slacks on making his doctors appointment.

or if the house gets to messy and im the only one cleaning.

he nags me to when i drive. hes the passenger driver, enough said~!

4/19/12 11:08 A


Thank you. Rewarding Husband's efforts was a great idea.

This morning, we dug out Husband's "souvenir belt", the one that he's had since he was at his largest size. It's got several batches of extra holes punched in it as he's gotten smaller. Today, his belt went all the way around, and then around again to the middle of his back. About 2 1/2 extra feet of belt.

I think it was a good reminder for him without my having to say a single word.

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4/18/12 5:54 P

Another idea is to "reward" his efforts, maybe compliment him on how healthy he is now or something like that.

4/18/12 2:24 P

Why thank you Bill.

I will remember this in future. Don't go to the girls who complain about their husbands for advice on how to deal with mine.

I will stick to the No Nagging plan.

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4/18/12 2:11 P

You sound like a good and wise wife. The girls advice is terrible.

4/18/12 12:52 P

Thanks for your input Eric and Bill.

Your advice kinda fits with my gut feeling on the matter. If I nag and make Husband miserable, he's more likely to feel horrible and start eating "comfort food".

Makes much more sense than the type of advice I was getting from my girlfriends, which was more of the "get on his case", "sneak tofu into his meals", "throw out the pasta", "withhold sex", variety. Not terribly helpful, and would put both of us in a rotten mood.

I KNEW it would be better to ask the guys about this.


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4/18/12 11:44 A

Yes, nagging is good when say, the house is on fire and he won't get off the couch. Other than that, can't think of a time where it benefited the nagger and/or didn't piss off the naggee. Eric has it right, lead by example.

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4/18/12 11:23 A

Well, it sounds like he's worked really hard, so I wouldn't nag too much. My guess is that, if he has lost the weight in a healthy way- not by a starvation diet, but by behavioral change including better food choices and exercise- he will correct himself.

My suggestions:
- keep making your own good decisions, and "lead by example". I do this in my home- for some reason or another, we always seem to end up with a cake, pie, cheesecake, etc., in the house on weekends. I have 1 piece (usually a good piece, too, not a mere sliver). That's it. The next night, everyone in the house may want another piece, but I refuse, and generally the rest of the cake, etc., is uneaten after I say no.

- If in fact he does start to put on 10-20+ pounds, then maybe a gentle but firm "you worked so hard to lose that weight, don't blow it" might be in order.

4/18/12 9:01 A

Just looking for a few opinions from the Guys.

Is there ever a situation in which nagging helps?

Here's the background to my question:

My husband is working very hard to lose weight and get in shape. He's lost about 150 lbs so far, and continues to make progress. I've been trying to support his efforts by packing healthy lunches, cooking healthy dinners, working out with him, etc.

Now that Husband has seen some significant concrete results from his efforts, I've seen him start to make unhealthy choices with portions and types of food.

My question:
I haven't said much about his backsliding, because I figure it's his health to manage. But is this a case where nagging him not to eat the _____ with the ____ ____ sauce (or whaever) might help him to stay on track?

So, what do you think? Is this the time to turn into a nag about my darling husband's eating habits? I would hate to see him lose ground, but I don't want to become a pain-in-the-butt wife either.

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