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3/31/12 8:15 P

Yesterday I did very little exercise(strength only) and 1200 calories was enough. Today, however I did 5 hours total. I would say on days like today 1200 is not enough.

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
3/31/12 6:30 P

When it comes to staying healthy you might want to try consuming more fruit and vegetables. The more processed food you consume the higher your daily caloric intake has to be in order to get enough nutrients for sustainable health. Either way I hope you discover a viable solution for your goals. Health is the primary jewel protect it emoticon

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3/31/12 2:29 P

You're not overweight. At 5'7" and 152 pounds, you have a BMI under 24. That doesn't automatically mean you can't lose weight, but the chances are good that you've set a goal date that isn't possible. When that happens, the computer just automatically tosses you into the lowest calorie range.

Check your goal date. If you would have to lose more than 1/2 pound per week to reach it, it's too aggressive. One pound every four weeks would be more reasonable.

Also, have you discussed your final goal with a doctor? Technically 135 pounds wouldn't be underweight according to the BMI charts, but the BMI charts don't work particularly well for African Americans (or Africans.) The lower end of the range is safe for people with low bone density, but most people of African heritage have dense bones. A BMI around 20 might literally leave you as nothing but skin and bones. It's a good thing to discuss with a medical professional.

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3/31/12 10:44 A

Just eat 1500 a day. It is based on how many days till you reach your goal.. so if you picked 52 lbs in a year, that would be 1 lb a week. If 26 weeks later it is 35 to go, you now have to eat less to lose 1.5 a week.

I find that unless I double my exercise, it has no real effect on calories per day. It might be good for you to check how many till goal, and how long.. If you add a few months to the date you wish to hit goal, it will cause a rise in the daily calorie allotment.

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3/31/12 7:37 A

On your start page, look on the left hand side for weight goals and progress. Under there you will see calories burned. Click change beside it and update is info for how many calories you are burning weekly on average. Make sure you save. This is how your ranges are calculated. If this info is not accurate, then your ranges will not adjust because of it. If you have changed your burn more than 70 cals and your ranges do not adjust, that means you have set an overly aggressive goal for your size. So head back to the goals, and select change by the weight goals. You can use the help me set goals button of that helps, but remember that you should not be trying to lose more than one percent of your body weight per week. Adjust that and your ranges should adjust too.

oh and i forgot to note that your height factors in as well. if you're closer to 5'6" and up, you should halve that one percent number because you're basically already at a healthy weight for your height. if you are on the 5' end, the one percent is fine for now.

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3/31/12 2:50 A

For the past two months I've been working out 60 + minutes burning 550-610 cal 5 to 6 days a week. At first my tracker said I should be eating 1300-1700 calories. But in the past month it dropped to 1200-1500. For the amount of calories I'm burning I'm wondering if that is enough for me to loose weight and still be healthy.

I insert the number of calories I'm burning each week in the trackers but the numbers don't change.

Other info:
I'm 5'7. Female. 152 pounds.

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