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8/13/12 8:41 P

I don't have answers or help, but I wanted to say hi right back to you. Thank you for sharing where you are and being real. I love that! All the best to you on your journey.

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7/28/12 6:49 A

I read your story, and it touched me. So the first thing I did was look for a Spark Team for you, to teach and support you. I found two right off the bat!

Hip Replacement Before and After

Knee/Hip Replacement

I imagine you know how to find them, since you've been here before. I wish you all the best! And I know there are teams for the chronic depression, too. I've had it for 40 years!

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7/27/12 4:57 P

I am starting again. I have to have a total hip surgery, and I have to loose 60 plus pounds. I have dealt with pain so I sit a lot and watch TV and I gained weight I had lost and some more.. i am climactic depressed and take meds to keep me with the living. The extra weight is now causing havoc on my knees and at 65,there are many days I would like to chuck all in. I have great kids who stay in touch with me, and I want and NEED this operation, because the continuous pain is feeding my ever deepening depression. I have the usual esteem issues etc. I stay isolated, and Proverbs 18:1 says : one isolating himself will seek his own selfish longings, again all practical wisdom he will break forth.: I isolate myself, long for food, and throw ,u educated knowledge out hew door. I need to find motivation to move, to eat right, and learn to reach to others For help. Shy? No, just way to proud for my own good. OOPS, tears... better stop. Hello everyone. I look forward to our association in our quest to better self images, better health, and for me a new time to smile.

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