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MPLANE, thanks for your comment. I remember when I first started eating low-carb that my energy level went down, my stress tolerance seemed to be down and I felt tired more. But after about a week my energy levels picked up to level much higher than I had had in a long time. I don't get brain fog any more and many symptoms that I attributed to being borderline hypothyroid disappeared completely. In my case I have to assume that my body was addicted to carbs.

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In general, the results reported are not new, but what is already know well for a long time. However, there are some fine points that exist. It is good that the author has been somewhat objective in including the interpretations by several other people of the results obtained. In particular, the low carb diet resulting in a higher metabolism but also stressing the body raising the stress hormones that affect a multitude of functions in the human body. This is relevant from the aging perspective; inflammation in the body is an indicator of aging. Going low carb, thus, seems to promote aging.

I am sure there are folks who would benefit from low carb diet despite the damage it causes, but this depends on if they have a condition related to insulin sensitivity or not.

Personally, low carb makes me miserable, and I clearly become very sluggish in moving and in thinking, both. Sometimes inadvertently I go low carb due to e.g. eating too many almonds which I love (but then to stay within the daily caloric range I cannot eat as much carbs), and in 1 or 2 days I realize that I am becoming sluggish. I go back and check my nutrition tracker, and every time in the preceding few days the total carbs taken in are below the daily min.

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That blog looks interesting!

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