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4/30/12 10:03 P

When I was transitioning from who knows how many calories a day to a much lower diet, I started eating more frequent, smaller meals as suggested, but I also drank a LOT of water -- something I still do. While there were certainly occasions where I would feel hungry, it helped curb that need significantly.

MEYERJEH Posts: 15
4/30/12 7:57 P

I recommend psyllium fiber slows me down a little bit in the cupboard scavenging for food! And it takes up some room in your stomach.

Best of luck! You're strong!

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4/29/12 3:06 P

Well I certainly feel better today than I did yesterday. I ate whole wheat crackers and cheese for a snack and that curbed the hunger. I plan on adding a fruit with cheese for my afternoon snack.

Thanks everyone for all your help.

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4/28/12 10:57 A

People really aren't made for three meals a day; while as a society, Americans have kindof settled into that habit, humans are made for grazing! We really do better eating smaller, more frequent meals. It's not about eating less, it's about providing constant fuel to keep our metabolisms going and energy up.

I think you've gotten some fantastic advice... please come back and let us know how you do with this!

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4/28/12 10:30 A

Thank you so much for your help, Becky,. You know, originally I thought that i was only losing weight when I was experiencing hunger like that I described. How silly of me. Hunger like that could cost me going off the diet entirely.

I'd much rather control the hunger with food like you suggest than go on any kind of appetite suppressant.


4/28/12 7:51 A

Yes, that is correct; since you are reporting hunger between meals.
For example: If your typical lunch has about 650 calories; cut back to about 500 and use those extra 150 calories for a more substanial snack. Place your snacks at those times when you are feeling most hungry. And try to develop snacks that contain carbohydrtes and protein. About 150 calories for the snack with 15-30 grams of carb and 5-7 grams of protein. for example whole grain crackers and cheese, cottage cheese and fruit; hard cooked eggs and whole wheat toast.

See is this helps.

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4/28/12 7:02 A

Ok, I'll try that. I guess you mean like taking something like the orange from dinner and adding it to my snack time instead, for both lunch and dinner? I can do that. Thanks.

4/27/12 8:58 P

I see many days with 1750-2200 calories consumed; yet only 100-240 calories are recorded for snacks.

Perhaps you need to plan slightly lower calorie intakes for lunch and dinner and then allow a larger mid-afternoon and evening snack to help ward off hunger.

dietitian Becky

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4/27/12 6:16 P

OK,,, I made my nutrition tracker public. Please help me with this.


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4/27/12 5:28 P

Everyone is different, but when I'm hungrier, I find I'm eating too many refined carbs and not enough protein

4/27/12 4:47 P

Please make your nutrition tracker public.
To do this, go to your sparkpage and click EDIT sparkpage. You will see a button to click to make it public. Let us know when you have this done.
SP Dietitian Becky

4/27/12 4:40 P

Can you give us an example of what you would typically eat in a day? All snacks and meals are not created equally-you may need more fiber or protein to give you a feeling of fullness. Also are you drinking enough water? If I don't hydrate properly-especially on days when I'm active I feel hungrier.

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4/27/12 4:39 P

I am right there with you. I think it eases up after about 4 days. I am in day two of the intense hunger. Even after I ate my snack. And hungry all day until dinner. Hungry again after an hour or so.
I really think it eases up after about 4 days.
I have a prayer I say asking to be strong. I picture WHY I am doing this. Which is a healthy weight will give me a longer life. I will be able to enjoy and be there for my friends and my family. I need them and they need me to be around.
I too started out at 230lbs. I lost a LOT of weight using Nutrisystem. And was super hungry. But the weight came off and I found the hunger eased after about 4 days.
On the diet pills, they only work for a little while, like for two or three days. And there is a mental piece to the pills also. Like you can only lose weight with their help. Which is not true.
I found drinking water and chewing mint gum helps some. At night I drink a cup of warmed skim milk to be able to go to sleep. I have been waking up hungry too but so far I picture that WHY I am doing this, pray for strength and I have been able to go back to sleep.

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4/27/12 4:29 P

What am I doing wrong? At first I couldn't believe all of the food I had to eat to lose weight, but I eat it. Now after dieting a few weeks I have intense hunger between meals, and my snack doesn't seem to stop the hunger. My doc is on the verge of giving me appetite suppressants but he wanted me to check with a coach here to see if you have any answers. What could I possibly be doing wrong and what do I do about it???

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