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7/22/13 9:13 A

Congrats on your pregnancy! We have also struggled with infertility. Got married 11 years ago and never used bc. After a year, we actively started trying- temperature taking, hanging upside down in case the swimmers were directionally challenged and planning our sex life around ovulation. Another year went by and we started clomid. 6 months later still no baby but I had gained 40 lbs and had two tubal pregnancies. we stopped trying and decided adoption might be the route to take. We decided on foster adoption because we were not wealthy and we wanted to help a waiting child. One month after completing the classes we were placed with our kids. They were girl (15) girl (8) and boy (4). We thought our family was complete. Last August our daughters were killed in a car crash and it opened up all that grief we felt. Then a few months after we became pregnant only to discover it was a tubal pregnancy. We decided we want to have a biological child so we are going to try IVF. We are now in a place where we can afford it financially and it looks like our best chance. The problem is the whole infertility journey made me fat. I was at a very healthy weight before this journey but now I am not. My RE says in order to be a good IVF candidate I need to be less than 150, ideally I would be closer to 130 so that's my goal. I only have one shot at this so I need to do it right. I am also on a time constraint as I just turned 34 and my chances are best if I can do this before 35.

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7/20/13 11:47 P

@NBLONDHEIM, Congrats on Twins! Best of luck to you & your husband. That is wonderful news!

@FITB4BABY86, I am so sorry to hear about all of the difficulties that you have had. I also had a HSG test done after my 3rd miscarriage. That was so painful that I can't imagine having another one done. My doctor determined that one of my tubes was clear, but we couldn't tell on the 2nd tube due to the pain of the dye. I don't think it flowed thru my tube well enough to get an accurate reading. I will keep you in my thoughts for a safe pregnancy for you. It does suck. This is something that you probably have been dreaming about as a child & now when you want it, there are major issues. Here is something that I always think about which might help, God never promised us an easy journey, but he did promise us a safe one. Take care.

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7/20/13 1:19 P


Congrats on your amazing weight loss and your Pregnancy :) I can't imagine how amazing it must be t struggle with infertility then to find out you are expecting TWINS :) Congratulations to you both :) I only hope and pray that I am able to make a post like yours some day...where I am pregnant after infertility :)

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7/20/13 1:17 P

Hello Everyone,
I too am dealing with infertility. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have always struggled with weight. In January 2012 My husband and I were told to NOT get pregnant due to the severity of Scarring an adhesions I had in my abdomen and pelvis. They said we would be risking the lives of myself and our unborn baby if we were to conceive. I had an HSG test done to check to see if my tubes were clear and they were completely blocked....My scar tissue was there from surgeries I have had over the past three years...I had brain surgery in April 2010 and my abdomen was worked on as well, therefor starting the adhesion issue....then in December 2011 I underwent exploratory laparoscopy to see what everything looked like....only to find a MESS.....That's when we were told to NOT conceive. In May 2012 I underwent an abdominal Laparotomy with appendectomy to cut the adhesions and improve the mobility of my reproductive organs. (at the time of this surgery we found out that both of my fallopian tubes were kinked at a 90 degree dr tried to unkink them to see if I would get pregnant... I had another HSG performed IN October 2012 and got the news that my right tube had a blockage called hydrosalpinx and my left tube was clear.... Since that surgery, My OBGYN performed another laparoscopic procedure in December 2012 and she was unable to see my reproductive organs. The scar tissue had been so bad she was unable to do what she had intended prior to performing the surgery...She told Us IVF was our only option due to the severity of the adhesions....
We have since seen a reproductive specialist to see what he thought of our situation and HE too said IVF was the only choice...My tubes are in such bad shape that getting pregnant naturally wasn't going to happen...THE RE doesn't want to perform surgery to unblock my tubes because he said it's much to risky...there is such damage from scarring now, that ith him doing surgery, it would only make things much much worse...He told us we could wait 2-4 years before going thru with it since it does cost $12,000 a pop....and of course we do not have that kind of, now we are trying to conceive naturally...neither of us wants to undergo's just a process that we aren't wanting to venture into...We aren't guaranteed a child with IVF....due to the severity of my adhesions and We can't fathom spending that kind of money when it's not guaranteed.....we want to pay off debts and things first then see where we are at with funds....
I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy....INFERTILITY SUCKS :(

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7/18/13 1:20 P

Here is an update!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday at 6 weeks 3 days and it was a surreal and amazing experience. We saw 2 babies and heard 2 heartbeats loud and clear!

We are expecting TWINS!

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7/2/13 8:58 A

hello everyone i to dealt with infertility for 20 years after 3 marriages i put myself on a diet after finding out i have tour 2 diabetes and lost 45 lbs and after dealing with infertility and having almost no menstrual for 20 yrs i started having a normal menstrual monthly 5 months later through the grace of god at 40 yrs old i was pregnant.. now my son is 3 and yes its hard sometimes being a older mother but i wouldnt change it for the world.ladies dnt give up prayers to you all

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7/1/13 10:45 P

I just saw this board & wanted to tell you Congrats!!! That is so exciting. This is a journey that you'll want to tract every move.

My husband & I had started trying to conceive in 2006. Nothing was happening. Finally in 2008, we found out we were pregnant!! It was very exciting. However things weren't moving along how my doctor would like things & I lost the baby about 8 weeks into. We continued to try again & had 2 more miscarriages around 9 weeks into it, one more in 2008 & one in 2009. My doctor tried all different types of blood work & we went to the fertility doctor & tried the test that were available without the added expenses. I had surgery done on my uterus in Oct. of 2009 & was told that this would cure things. Unfortunately we didn't get pregnant again until early 2011 & lost the baby. Then we were pregnant again in Oct. of 2011 & lost the baby. We talked about adoption in 2010 when we weren't becoming pregnant, but that was put on hold when we found out we were pregnant. Right now, we are on the list for adoption & are patiently waiting for birthparents to pick us. We are not doing anything to prevent a pregnancy & if we get pregnant again, then we'll handle the situation then. I think more of the miscarriage is my issues, but unless we did further testing, we won't know an exact answer. It's better this way, I can't blame my husband & he can't blame me.

Adoption & fertility are both expensive. To me, it seems like they are about the same price depending on where you adopt from & how intense you have to invest in the fertility treatments. There are grants for both options. Be sure to check it out online & hopefully there will some extra financial support for your fertility treatments.

I wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy!

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7/1/13 6:10 P

Thank you very much! We it sure are blessed! I will do my best to cherish every part of my pregnancy!!! :) It is definitely a miracle! Thanks again!

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7/1/13 2:29 P

Congratulations. Wow! What a blessing. I know for me, I HATED pregnancy, it was rough for me, but cherish it. Looking back, it is such a miracle, and every time I felt her move, it was amazing!

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6/28/13 8:22 P

I just wanted to let you know that we found out today....

I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

It's kind of all still surreal and almost hard to believe at this point! But I am soooo very excited!


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6/27/13 8:29 P

COLBIJEAN: Thank you for sharing your story! I really appreciate it!!! It is very hard to hear of others getting pregnant and having children with ease. I am glad that reading this has helped you to feel grateful for your success thus far! I think sometimes we take things for granted more than we should! emoticon We have also thought of adoption. I can't believe how expensive of a process it is though! Yikes!!! I have always wanted to adopt no matter how my family was built and I still feel that way. Thank you for the prayers.... they are much appreciated!!!

JENSTRESS: I don't have any new news to share. I feel like I have some pregnancy symptoms although being the first time we have ever tried, I am not sure really what to expect. I am very hopeful though. We go in tomorrow for our pregnancy test!!! emoticon

BANANNA38: Thank you for sharing your story as well! That is incredible!!! My cousin was told she would never be able to have children. Her first marriage they went through tons of infertility things. She ended up getting divorced and remarried. Needless to say, she has two beautiful girls conceived completely naturally! So I also know it is possible. Unfortunately I really don't think that is the case for us at all. Infertility is a frustrating issue!!! I thank you very much for the wishes for the best! If you are pregnant again, I wish you success!!!

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6/27/13 6:49 P

I'm posting to maybe give a few older moms some hope. I waited to get married until I was 33 years old (I was looking for Mr. Right for a long time). Then I had my first baby at 35 years old. I got pregnant easily and we had only tried for 2 or 3 months and I got pregnant easily. I wanted to wait to try for BB#2 because I was nursing and I had hoped to get my body back.

We waited about a year before trying for BB#2 and then found out it wasn't happening as easily. I had had multiple miscarriages and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. My doctor sent me to a specialist who diagnosed me with "secondary-infertility." She basically said I was starting an early menopause and wasn't producing eggs like I had been. Five years later, $50k in IVF treatments, and even a round of IVF with donor eggs that failed and I thought having a 2nd child was just not in the cards for us. While taking a break from all the fertility treatments for a few months, I suddenly became pregnant. It was a miracle. I called my IVF doctor and she suggested doing progesterone suppositories for the first trimester. It worked and at the age of 40 I had BB#2. It was a difficult pregnancy/delivery but it was all worth it in the end.

Now, I'm 42 years old with no ambition to get pregnant again. In fact, I have been giving away all my 18 month old's baby clothes, furniture, etc. each time he outgrows something -- thinking that we were done with that stage.

As I sit here typing this, I think I may be pregnant again. I have missed my period and have all the symptoms associated with pregnancy. I will take a test this weekend. Ironically, I'm not thrilled with the thought of pregnancy this time -- especially at the age of 42 -- because I really thought I was done and was perfectly happy with having two boys. I also remember how hard my last pregnancy was and don't think I can physically go through it again. For those of you who are older and who were told it can't happen, I feel your pain, but don't give up hope. I had multiple doctors who said that my chances of getting pregnant on my own were nearly impossible. Infertility is a frustrating issue to face and my heart goes out to everyone experiencing it. I wish you all the best!

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6/27/13 12:08 P

Any news? Thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

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6/24/13 12:44 P

I have never used any sort of birth control because I didn't want to miss an opportunity to get pregnant. (Don't worry I was a virgin until marriage. I wouldn't put a child through that.) Infertility runs in one side of my family and I just happen to get most genes from that side so I was nervous from the start. Suprisingly we got pregnant with our first quickly and had her before our first wedding anniversary. Not expected, we were very poor and still in college but I'm glad I didn't wait. The next one took a year of trying. Now we have the two a boy and a girl and I feel very blessed. I was hoping to have more, I have always wanted a big family. Now we have been trying for over a year, but I guess it's not time yet. It is very hard to hear our friends and family planning when to have a baby and usually they can choose what season or even month they want their baby to be born in. It is even harder when my kids ask when they will get to have a baby brother or sister. Reading this forum has helped me be more grateful that I can have any at all. I have thought of adoption. There are many children out there who need a good family and maybe God needs me to take care of another baby who hasn't had that opportunity. I will keep praying for answers and will pray for all of you too.

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6/24/13 10:35 A

Just in case anyone is's an update!

We went in for insemination last Sunday, June 16th and all went well! I go in today for blood work to just check my progesterone levels and see if I need to up my levels with suppositories. I go in on Friday, in just 4 short days!!!!!, for more blood tests to re-check my progesterone levels and a pregnancy test! emoticon

I don't have tons of very evident symptoms and being the first time ever I have no idea what to expect but we are very hopeful and everything looked soooo good throughout the process! I am hoping to have great things to report on Friday! emoticon

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6/14/13 8:16 P

On my way back from my ultrasound appointment and wanted to give an update. I can't believe how excited the nurse who did my ultrasound was as everything looked GREAT! I have 6, yes 6, follicles! 2 of them are mature and ready now while the other 4 are very close and they predict with the trigger shot they will mature. She said it's possible for 6 babies although she said it's very unlikely that that would happen. We trigger shot tonight and go in for insemination Sunday morning! I'm ecstatic!!!! :)))

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6/9/13 10:14 P

We took another step to further our journey! I had an ultrasound done on Wednesday and everything looked good. I started taking clomid and will until tomorrow. I go back on Friday for another ultrasound. If all still looks good we trigger shot that night and I go in for insemination on Sunday, June 16th...just a short week away! My husband and I could use all the thoughts, prayers, and sticky baby dust we can get!

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6/4/13 12:07 P

It is very nice to relate to others although I would never wish it upon anyone else to have to go through. Thank you soooo very much for the suggestion of the website. I am definitely going to be checking that out tonight. I also live in a very small town with no support groups. I did see a counselor for a while just to have someone to talk to but was dismissed and am only going when I need to and that hasn't been for a long time! I have another appointment on Wednesday and then a few to follow next week. I appreciat eyou reaching out to me and sharing your knowledge!

ZGIRL21 Posts: 87
6/4/13 9:57 A

I went through 5 years of fertility treatments. Totally hear you. I found a lot of support on Women from all over the country going through the same things that you are - same tests, same agony, same treatments. I made some really good friends now that have continued to remain in my life.

Sometimes there aren't any community support groups - especially if you live in a small town like I did :)

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5/23/13 8:47 A

I am sorry to hear that you have also gone through the struggles!!!! It is nice to have someone be able to relate but I sure don't want this for anyone!

I totally understand the running out of money part and the stress! I truly hope that my husband and I can have success without too many issues. But I also know that only what is meant to be will happen!

We have considered adoption but with my desire to be pregnant, we are going to try at least once. If we do have success and get pregnant, we will see how the pregnancy goes. We have purchased multiple vials from a donor that of course we will use up first. After that, adoption may be in our future. But like you said, it will depend on our finances at that point. I just don't understand why it is soooooo darn expensive! It truly breaks my heart!

I am very sorry to hear that your pregnancy resulted in a loss. How very tragic! I totally understand keeping the memory of your baby! My mother was pregnant between my older brother and I and 2 weeks before her due she just knew something was up. She went and they couldn't find a heartbeat...she lost the baby. The doctor said her body would take care of it naturally but it never did. She had to go through labor and the whole nine yards. According to my parents, they never found out what truly happened and why she lost the baby with only 2 weeks left. The baby was buried and we do have a grave site for him. It is something that we as a family really treasure. I truly wonder everyday what it would be like to have another older brother. His memory will always be with us!

I really appreciate you sharing your story with me! Thank you for the luck and well wishes!!!!


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5/22/13 7:32 P

How I know your struggles.

We tried, meds, shots, IVf.. and then ran out of money basically..

put a lot of stress on our marriage, but we got it back together.... Adoption never seemed to really work out for us. with a huge lack of money, with jobs lost and other reasons. .time goes by fast.. so if its something you really want to do.. Go for it.. while your young.. By the time I hit 35 I said. If its ment to be by God it will.

Sadly I became pregnant once and lost my baby at about 12 weeks.. and never was pregnant again.. IM 40 now. That part of my lfie is over... I keep the memory of my baby with me at all times.. but I was not ment to be a mother.. But i do stress .. Time goes by fast..

Good Luck and I wish you the best for you! emoticon

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5/16/13 12:58 P

First of all, I want to thank you all for taking the time out of your busy life to read about me and my issues and give me hope and encouragement. It is much appreciated!

PHATFREE: The infertility journey does suck! It is long, full of tests, full of choices, emotional, costly, etc.! I would love to find some support groups in my area but I haven't found any. I will look online...good idea! Thank you for the virtual hugs and wishes....they are appreciated.

MONKEYMOM: I look forward to checking out the youtube link you posted.

MYLIFEMADEDELITE: I really appreciate your advice of the infertility group. As you know, I have joined it and look forward to getting to know the others involved. I am very glad that you were able to conceive your son! :)

JENSTRESS: Thank you! We definitely do want children and we know that one way or another we are going to make that happen! Our first choice is to try to conceive a child using donor sperm and insemination. Since everything looks really good on my end and my desire is to be pregnant, that will be our first route to pursue. If that route doesn't work or wasn't meant for us, we are then going to pursue adoption. We have also talked about maybe using a donor a few times and adopting a few times since we want 2-4 children. So adoption is possibly in our future too! I appreciat eyou sharing the wonderful success stories you did!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/16/13 10:56 A

I'm so sorry for your heartbreak.

If you want children (adoption?) I highly recommend looking into it and signing up for foster to adopt programs and etc. My cousin who has never had a biological child (she can't either) adopted two beautiful kids this way. She just adopted her daughter a few weeks ago. She was able to have her since she was 12 days old.

My other friend was also not able to have children. They signed up 6.5 years ago to adopt a daughter from China. They are leaving this month to get her! It is a long process, but if you sign up now, it can happen for you too!

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5/15/13 1:24 P

There is a great group of women on here that belong to the Infertility group. I encourage to check it out. My husband and I did not have your magnitude of issues, but it took us five years with male and female factor infertility to conceive our son (the old fashioned way).

Good luck!

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5/15/13 10:07 A

PHATFREE28 Posts: 72
4/24/13 9:17 A

Hi There,
I am so sorry you have to go through the infertility journey. It really does suck!!
I encourage you to find some support groups, in your area or on line. There is a whack load of blogs dealing with infertility and probably with the issues you may be facing.

I am sending virtual hugs and hope that your dream of a family becomes reality soon.

NBLONDHEIM SparkPoints: (19,988)
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4/24/13 8:07 A

I am not a parent nor do I have a family...yet! My husband and I are dealing with infertility issues. We knew about them but it's totally different when you actually start the infertility process. I think it made it all real for me. We will NEVER be able to have biological children and that absolutely kills me! I honestly think a lot of my new weight gain is due to this journey. There's been a lot of testing and a lot of expenses with only more to come. It's stressful! I'm just wondering if there is anyone else out there dealing with infertility also.

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