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4/3/12 1:29 A

Way to go, me! Totally didn't update this thing (hilariously after declaring I'd make it a daily thing) but that's okay. I've been off in the land of complete focus and that's where I like it. Thus far, juggling two jobs has been good - fairly low stress, despite the lack of sleep, and I'm still able to get the sewing in -and- cook regular meals in addition to working out.

Until recently, the weight loss has been a steady decline of about 2 pounds a week; my body has finally caught on, though, and now it's time for some adjustment to shock my system back into burn mode, rather than rocking out in homeostasis.

It's been a bizarre journey so far, to be sure, but I'm glad I'm on it. I don't know why it took me so long! ... of course, I know why. I definitely know why. But everything's settling and it just *clicked* for me to do this now, in this way.

And you know what?

It's pretty kind of awesome.


Huzzah! points:

* The continued weight loss! No flagging urge here, just the realization that I'm actually uncomfortable eating as much as I probably should. I want to stick with 1200 calories a day, but I know I need to eat more to get my body back into burn mode. The more I think about it, the more horrified I am at how I used to eat!
* The continued working out! I walk about 50-something minutes a day at work (and at a good clip, too!), then come home to do either strength workouts or another round of cardio.
* Walking to the store! I do this every week, sometimes twice; it's my way of keeping in check. Do I want it badly enough to throw on the workout gear and shoes? Do I want it badly enough to brave the positively spastic weather? No? Then it's just not worth it!

Mental notes:

* Work out more. Or step it up. Or both. Hard to do on my work days, but I can weasel something in on Wednesday or Saturday.
* Read more! Not a weight loss thing, but I seriously need to get back into reading again.
* Keep on keepin' on.

I got this.
I know I do.

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2/5/12 2:05 A

Oh, water. Water, water, water. Why are you so elusive on the weekends? I know you come out of the tap. I know I have bottles of you in the fridge. So why do I not ever see you when I'm poking around in there for something to eat?

And brain, you need to start recognizing thirst signals at home. At work, you do a stellar job. At home, it's like you're on vacation and you reroute everything to the tastebuds -- and the tastebuds do not approve of water.

So, water? Brain? You two work something out. This is not okay, got it?



Short but sweet tonight! I need sleep.

Huzzah! points:

* Again, doing good with not responding to that inner twitch that says 'you have money, go spend it on food or other stuff you know you want, will use once, and never touch again'
* Worked out! This is excellent!
* Ate less than 1300 calories today and do not feel hungry!

Mental notes:

* Plot dinner for the next week -- and make it.
* Figure out the work schedule I'll need to have to make this second job happen.
* Stay good with the food!

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2/4/12 12:14 A

Hokay. So. I didn't post yesterday because I'm a bad, bad person. I'm posting today because, much like the eating healthier thing, I want to get into a daily habit of it. Not that I expect anyone to actively care all that much about my life and shenanigans, but it helps to vomit it all out in text form so I can pick through it, dissect it, and learn.

Which brings me to today! I officially start my second job next week at my regular schedule, so that means no more excuses for not working out. Wednesdays will be messy and I may have to juggle some stuff -- or work a half day on Saturday to balance it out. Either way. I'll make it happen because I have that kind of mojo going right now.

Today was a celebration day, so I went to Five Guys for a burger and fries. A bit of a splurge, but I did make the effort of recording it all into the nutrition tracker. Just because I don't want to see the calories doesn't mean they aren't there!

To make up for it, tomorrow will be a 40 minute work outday if I can manage it. Yoga and pilates, probably ... or, maybe just a full belly dance thing. Not sure yet! I'll also pare down the calories tomorrow, to accommodate.

Also picked up some stuff for my costumes, which I won't start on until I've lost about 10 pounds. I have every bit of faith that I can manage it within two months -- and that's my goal. Drop 8 pounds (because I lost 2 already! Shock!) by April? That should be a cakewalk at this point.

Optimism? I have it.

Huzzah! points:

* Once again, not spending frivolous cash! Just bought the things I'll need for my costumes, as well as some cookie cutters for the upcoming holiday.
* Had a great day otherwise!

Mental notes:

* None. The brainmeat, it is melted.

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2/1/12 1:33 A

Annnd it's time for another super-short (ha!) entry. Mostly because it's late (again! how does this happen?!) and I need sleep. The day's been good, though my energy and mojo are pretty tapped out right now. Not from work, but just thinking way too much. I'm horribly heady and that doesn't help.

Did better in the training today and I'm feeling a lot more confident in the work. My only fear now is just hitting the necessary benchmarks and staying steady. Also, avoiding distractions at home. Probably easier said than done on that score.

Did good with the calories but still couldn't bring myself to work out. Ugh. It'll be better when I'm not coming home at dinner time; I'm so hungry that I just eat dinner and settle in, rather than try to push myself through a routine. Once it switches over (I hope!) then I'll be getting home at my normal time and doing my usual work out, shower, and dinner cycle before logging into work again.

Ramble, ramble, ramble!

Huzzah! points:

* Once more avoided spending money (there is a reason I'm tracking this!)
* ... okay, so I bought some apples and Cliff bars. Both were on sale and both work wonderfully as either a snack (the former) or a replacement meal (the latter). I only buy fruit in small quantities, so it doesn't have a chance to go bad.
* Finally got estimates of what material I'll need for costumes!

Mental notes:

* Keep on keepin' on, rockstar!

Annnd! JENTHEPEN ... thank you! I'm doing my best and it's working thus far. And I'm glad you like the letter to the cookies; it isn't going to be the last, most likely.

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1/31/12 2:16 P

Sounds like you are doing really well! Great job so far.
I love your letter to the cookies! AWESOME!

Try not to let that panic hit you up too hard. You'll review the materials and then do well on the test.

Take care!

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1/31/12 12:55 P

Don't quit.

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1/31/12 12:01 A

Dear shrimp:

Please stop being delicious or learn how to de-vein yourselves prior to being caught.

Thank you,

Yours truly

P.S. I know this is belated. I also know shrimp cannot read. I'm pretty sure there was a point here, somewhere ...


Work wasn't so bad today, so that's ... uh, good. I didn't get my workout time in, but I did balance that out (somewhat!) with healthy snacking today. Cookies? Sorry. You're just going to have to suffer there for a few more days while I work through some grapefruit, carrots and/or apple bits.

Leftovers are working brilliantly so far and I basically have dinner for tomorrow ... and probably another day or two after that. I'm not sure if I'm calculating the portions of each food item correctly, though; my 'eyeball it' skills are okay, except when it comes to weights. Considering the food is 50% vegetable, 40% whole grain pasta and 10% shrimp-ilicious goodness, I'm mostly just stabbing at numbers that look like they make sense based on the package sizes most of the stuff came from.

Ultimately, I think I have it right -- or I'm over-estimating. Whichever.

Anyway. That's that. Doing seriously good on calories, though. Even with the random BS snacks I still have at the office. And I'm not hungry, which is most excellent. So far, so good!

Anyway, back to the work front. Getting up early: not too bad. Working: also not too bad. Training: also ... surprisingly, not too bad. The second job has some nice perks, like a masseuse and some amazing coffee (I drink it black) even for those of us who're going to be part-time workers. Friday is when I should be taking my certification test, which is either pass or fail with no gray area between. It's either 100% or you're outta there, that kind of thing.

So, my stress level? Not as high as it probably should be yet, but it'll get there.

Huzzah! points:

* Once again avoiding the dreaded pitfall of shopping or otherwise spending frivolous amounts of cash.
* Surviving the day without a weird panic attack.
* Enjoying some wicked-awesome coffee.
* Not feeling a craving for cookies.

Mental notes:

* Keep on keepin' on!
* Also, do all those things I was going to do yesterday and didn't get to because I'm a dork.
* And also: read up on employee handbook and training materials tonight- oh, shi- when did it get so late? Criminy's sakes.

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1/30/12 1:22 A

Ugh. Going to try to slug down the last bit of water I need for the day, though I'm not sure how wise it is to make the attempt right before bed. Pretty sure I won't make it, if only because I just don't get as thirsty at home as I do at work. At work, 12 glasses of water is an easy thing. At home, I have to force down 8. Weird. Bonus: I should have been in bed an hour ago, so this one will be kept rather on the short side as updates go.

Did pretty good on the calories overall ... and dinner, for those who might be interested, was lemon-garlic shrimp, served with diced bell pepper and broccoli over some whole wheat penne pasta. It was pretty incredible. I have enough leftovers for a few days, so that'll spare me from eating soup all week. I still have quite a bit of turkey meatball stew and one tupperware of potato soup, so I'm good on meals for the next week or two if I can't hit the store.

Otherwise, did okay today. Did the yoga thing and did the laundry thing and did the 'veg out in front of Flash games' thing, which is kind of a silly name for that thing in retrospect. All in mental preparation for the grueling week ahead, no less. This week, I go to work at 4am ... and I won't be home until after 5pm. Long, long days for training and all, but I think it'll be okay if I don't stress on it.

Huzzah! points:

* Fought the urge to run to the store to buy stuff that I really didn't need -- seriously, I have enough hangers, I don't know why my brain insists that I'm short on them.

Mental notes:

* Work out a routine that will allow for some meditation time.
* Continue hashing out what I'll need for my costumes.
* Bring Special K bars tomorrow.

And JIBBIE49? Thank you! I'll be doing my durnedest to stay on this crazy train until my stop comes up -- and not a moment before.

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1/29/12 11:21 A

Don't quit.

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1/29/12 12:49 A

Yes, cookies, I see you there.

So sly, with your creme filling and enticing packaging. You're practically demanding I strip off that confining wrapper, free you from your tray, and allow you to march straight down to my equally demanding gut. But you're mine now, delicious treats. All mine.

And I control your fate, because I'm finally in control of my own.

See, there was a day when I would have given you the quick death you so desperately crave and beg for. Not today. Not this week. I'm going to pick you apart, separate you from your comrades, and consume you at a leisurely pace. You won't know what side I'm attacking from, either, oh no. No, I may go for your fellows on the right ... or on the left. Or, maybe, one from each.

Perhaps I might even spare you a night or two or three and let you really think about what you did to deserve this horrific, torturous punishment. Maybe I'll eat an apple or a handful of carrots in front of you, to remind you of the future that is in store for you -- but not soon enough for your tastes.

Yes, I see you there, but I am no longer your slave; I am your keeper.

And payback is a b*tch.


So, I've skipped right on by days one and two to hit ...

Day three! Another battle is won, but the war is still on-going. Been doing pretty good overall -- hitting all my marks with water and calories, if not with the fat and carbs. Too much of one, not enough of the other. Working on it, though!

Huzzah! points:

* Ordered the shoes for one of my costumes.
* Picked up the patterns for the aforementioned costumes on sale in a fit of completely blind luck.
* Avoided the Bane Of My Existence (tm) -- which is Jack in the Box, for the curious.
* Also avoided frivolous spending beyond the planned purchases mentioned above.

Mental notes:

* Make more english muffins of the wheat cinnamon raisin variety.
* Figure out if dinner tomorrow will be lemon chicken or shrimp cakes.
* Plot lunches for next week, lest I get burnt out on crackers and cheese.
* So, so much laundry tomorrow. So much. This is what I get for spending money on new clothes for my (shiny and new!) second job. I do not relish the thought of working 60-70 hours a week, but I have goals that demand it. It will, however, make life ... interesting, to say the least. More on that in the future.

I'm trying not to think of the potential for failure right now. If I do, I know I'll end up feeling paralyzed with fear. It's bad enough that I'm practically itching at all the places in my mind where the healing has begun; I don't need a worry-knotted gut on top of it all.

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