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6/22/12 11:17 A

emoticon on taking the first steps to a healthier you. A emoticon toast to a healthier and more enjoyable life! emoticon emoticon emoticon And emoticon prayerfully you will find that you can enjoy it more than you would ever imagine!!!
Some thoughts and suggestions as I say emoticon to Spark People.
emoticon This sight has so much to offer! One of the easiest ways to learn a lot about what it has to offer is to go to your "My SparkPoints" tracking Page. Next to each opportunity to earn Sparkpoints there is a link that will take you to the place on the site that helps you complete the task. Some are one time opportunities, others are daily tasks. Complete as many tasks as possible per day.
emoticon don't emoticon to the temptation of making the journey all about the numbers. It is not about pounds taken off or inches trimmed, it is all about creating a healthier and more fit you. emoticon
emoticon Be on the lookout for the many, many, many non-scale non-tape measure victories you will achieve. Feeling healthier, breathing easier, enjoying activities that were once a drudgery, trying something new and enjoying it, choosing a healthy snack versus an unhealthy option, choosing a less than healthy food option over a decadent food option! The possibilities for non-scale victories are ENDLESS. emoticon
Some things to remember: emoticon drink plenty of water every day!
emoticon sleep well, it is probably more important than you know. emoticon healthier every day. emoticon Don't go the way of total deprivation, it is apt to set you up for failure and a binge that will leave you feeling devastated. Look for opportunities to emoticon every day. emoticon when you need to --it is healthier than emotional eating! Find ways to emoticon emoticon emoticon exercise that you ENJOY. The right form of exercise is the one you can stick with regularly!!! Something else may burn more calories in a shorter time, but if it makes you give up you won't burn any calories! emoticon
emoticon MAKE EVERY STEP COUNT. Even steps that seem to move you backwards or to the side have a purpose. Sometimes it is just to get another look at something you passed by without noticing.
Perhaps most importantly from my perspective DON’T LOSE weight or inches…TAKE THEM OFF, emoticon KICK THEM TO THE CURB. You aren’t interested in FINDING them again. GET RID OF THEM through hard work, determination, accountability, whatever it takes!!!
Finally, set up your spark page, join teams, make friends, encourage others, be encouraged, take challenges, write out SMART goals and track! Track! TRACK!!! It will help with both accountability and motivation, and you will be glad you did!!!
Feel free to stop by my page, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you in the journey!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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6/22/12 8:49 A

Hello and Welcome to Sparks!

If there is any way I can help you along your journey, just let me know!

Irish smiles,

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6/22/12 7:53 A

Welcome to SP! You have a great goal and I hope that aside from training yourself to eat less, you also will look at making your meals more concentrated with nutrients. I love the nutrition tracker for the end of the day you can run a report and see how it all adds up...not just the calorie count but the nutrients you take in. Lately, I have been trying to eat a rainbow too...that is making sure to eat at least one serving of foods from each of the colors of the's no coincidence that colorful foods have the most vitamins, minerals and antioxidents. I don't always get all the colors each day but my grocery cart is a lot more colorful and full of great tasting variety...another plus is that fruits and vegetables give us more volume eating for the same calorie price tag as a lot of other things. Anyway, you can do it!

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6/21/12 11:42 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople!

You have made a WISE decision for your health! There are so many tools available to you here such as:

1) nutrition and fitness tracking
2) exercise demos and videos
3) health and wellness articles
4) SP challenges for quick-start, diabetes, sleep, etc.
5) member-led challenges
6) teams for just about any interest or demographic
7) healthy recipes
8) member blogs such as mine:

Poke around the site. Join a team or two and find one that suits you. If you have any questions feel free to

sparkmail me (click under my name on SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE). I will be happy to help!

Press On!


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6/21/12 11:35 P

I have just mastered the art of being a wife, a new mother, AND having "me" time. That "me" time is my membership at Gold's Gym. I have kicked myself in the butt over and over for spurts of working out and dieting, but this time I have really taken the bull by the horns. I am motivated by my 16 year-old sister, who is 5'7'' and 125 pounds and still healthy. She stressed to me 'portion control.' So I am putting myself through food boot camp and training my stomach on smaller meals. So far, so good...I am losing the weight that I have wanted to for a long time now.

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