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You are not just your appearance. You are so much more and everything that makes up all the little parts of you are valued and so important to the people who love you. Before you worry about how awful you look, remember that love is an inner visionary and you are a creation of the Master carver. He loves you so much that he counted the hairs on your head. Strive for improved health, focus on your positives, and everything will fall in place. I am currently 180# overweight, am involved with a wonderful man, am loved by my health focused DA, work in church, travel as a gospel singer and speaker, teach an art class, and work as a triage RN for the VA. I am so much more than the shell I live in. You are too. Smile. Share what you have with others. Give. Learn. Laugh....and everytime you look in the mirror declare "TaDah!!! I am amazing!!!! Look what God did with me!!! Mirror ...just wait until you see me tomorrow!!!" Good luck, be blessed and know you're not alone!!! Keep Sparkin''!!!

2/21/12 8:49 P

You sound so hard on yourself, and down. The first thing I wanted to say was, I've ordered a book called The Self-Compassion Diet. I flipped though it in a store, and can't wait to read it.

Then, responding to what you said about the med. that led to weight gain, I looked up a team I remembered coming across once. It doesn't look very active, but maybe reading some of the old posts will be helpful.

I can't paste into the link box, you'll have to copy and paste the link below. The title is something like "Med made me gain weight" (paraphrasing).

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I am 52 years old and 65 pounds over weight. Depression medicine has helped to put on most of this weight. I have recently switched medicine per doctor. I dislike looking in the mirror. Since, I have this extra weight, what ever I do to beautify myself, I don't feel pretty. I have seen other women who are my weight or heavier and have it all together.

I am just so hard on myself and at a point I don't even like to look at food. I need a kick start to see at least 5 lbs to disappear.

My daughter is graduating high school on June 1st and I don't want her to see a obese mom in the bleachers. Any suggestions for that kick?

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