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4/23/12 2:46 P

I relate so much to yor post. I also have PCOS and getting pregnant was hard. I ovulated so rarely, and th only way to have regular cycles was to be on birth control, but that goes witout saying as not a good strategy for getting pregnant. We moved somewhere where we walked everywhere. Our main foods were fried chicken and fried plantains, but we had smaller portions and never ate ou tat restaurants. Every time I have lived in another country (5 times now) I have always lost weight. That time, i quickly lost weight over about 5 months time, and 2 months after stopping birth control i got pregnant! It is so much harder with PCOS but my realization is that the variety available to me in the us, plus using my car for transportation plus going to restaurants way too often makes it so hard for me to be healthy! We also cook very healthy when we are at home. Its when we are out that is impossible. I wish you all the best. My little one is 4 now and i still feel the pain of infertility. Make it happen. Lose the weight. It really is your best chance! all the best to you!

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4/12/12 10:45 A

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. I have had similar issues with fertility but do not have PCOS. If you are hungry, try adding more lean proteins and fiber. It helps me to not feel so starving all the time.

I tried clomid and though it helped me to ovulate, we did not get pregnant and my reproductive endocrinologist started me on Femara. It does pretty much the same thing as Clomid. If you haven't seen a specialist, you should. They deal with these kinds of things more than just a regular OBGYN does.

It's amazing how small changes can really help you when you are learning to eat and be healthier. You will definitely find lots of support on Spark People so keep getting on here every day. I wish you lots of luck!!

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4/10/12 4:15 P

Sorry to hear about your struggles. I wish you all the best on your journey.

I like the idea of a reminder, like a bracelet.
I might do the same thing...My main motivation for weight loss is starting a family as well.

Good luck to you!

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4/10/12 9:20 A

I think it's good for you and your spouse to do this together. I will keep you in prayer about your fertility problems and hope they over time they will resolve the issue. The best suggestion I could give you is to start on a healthy diet. When you get pregnant it's important to eat healthy for the growth of your child. Plus after the child is born, you want to have already established healthy eatting habits to be a good role model for your child. If you over eat while your pregnant, you will just gain that much more weight. I would encourage you to focus on the weight loss and get that under control before getting pregnant. You have to find something that works for you. You don't have to go cold turkey with food. Slowly edge out the bad food and replace it with good food as others had mentioned. Your human and you will have bad days. But it's important to get back up on the horse and keep going. Be healthy for you and your child/children!

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4/2/12 9:56 P

I have been in your shoes. We struggled with infertility and used clomid to get pregnant. Unfortunately for me, I haven't been able to lose the baby weight (and he is almost 4). I am trying to lose weight now so that we can potentially try for a 2nd child.

My recommendation is to find something that will remind you of why you are trying to make positive healthy changes. I recommend buying a bracelet that will remind you of your goal to have a baby. You will see the bracelet and can use it as a reminder to make positive choices.

Good luck!

3/28/12 11:40 A

First of all, I'm sorry for your fertility stuggles and I hope that things turn around for you soon. You are making some awesome first steps, not only for you but also your future baby and family. It sounds like you're getting things in hand at home with healthy choices. Portion sizes might be the issue as the other poster suggested. Logging my food has also made me conscious of the 'sneaky calories' that I usually discount (bite of this, taste of that).

I do wonder how the eating out is affecting your weightloss. Its a major addiction for me too (no dishes). My husband and I now have a one time per week only rule. And lately I've been trying the salads and lighter menu at all my favorite places. I also try to think of my plate as my dinner that night AND lunch for the next day. I've heard people ask for half to be placed in a to-go-box before it comes out, but I'm not confident enough yet.

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3/27/12 11:10 P

Then you've already made the first steps. :)

The problem is, you can still overeat, even on good, healthy food. Try tracking your calories for a week... not worrying about meeting your goals, just see what you eat and when, and fgure out where your trouble lies... the reports here are great for figuring out what you're eating the most of, and what meals. Your daily nutrition feedback report is invaluable!

3/27/12 5:05 P

Well that's the thing. We only have brown rice, and whole grain pasta in our house. We only have 1% milk (just for cooking purposes), we only eat chicken breasts, or extra lean ground beef. We don't fry ANYTHING, I honestly wouldn't even know how to. I rarely drink pop. My fridge is full with bottles of water, and two pitchers of Crystal Light. THAT is what is so frustrating, we seem to do all the right things when it comes to grocery shopping, and cooking.

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3/27/12 2:48 P

Remember that the best successes come from small changes. Drastically changing your diet is a common way people fail; start small, and make your lifestyle changes cumulative.

Instead of drastically cutting your calorie count, remember that you are overweight... you need more to sustain your heart, lung, and body functions than someone who weighs less. It's possible that you were cutting too much.

STart simple: Cut out simple carbs, and make the change to whole grains. If you're like me, you LOVE pasta... what I did was start mixing my regular pasta half-and-half with whole grain pasta... now, I've worked up to completely whole wheat, and the texture doesn't bother me.

Cut out sodas, one per week, until you're drinking more water than sodas.

Go for a light walk three times per week, for just 10 minutes... you can build up later, the important thing now is to get moving.

Remember that this is not an all-or-nothing affair. When you're making healthy changes, your body is changing on a molecular level, and any healthy changes are better than none. You can do this... use the tools Sparkpeople provides, especially the community... it's invaluable!

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3/27/12 1:58 P

I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Cyst Syndrome) which makes it easy for me to gain weight and very hard to lose it. It also affects infertility. My husband and I have been married for just over 6 years and are now ready to start a family. My OB has been treating me with Clomid to help my chances of getting pregnant now for 3 months with no luck. I only ovulated the first month. If I don't ovulate this month on the second increased dosage, he's referring us to a specialist out of town. I'm very obese and know losing weight would help me, and help my husband and our chances of conception but we can't seem to stick to ANYTHING! :( We're over-eaters, and serial dine-outters and know both of these are huge problems with our weight loss. We just can't seem to stick with anything and cutting back on our food is just leaving us hungry and ravenous. I just lose my job a week ago and am just sitting home. So, I have more time now for meal planning and am hoping this site can help. Any support (or prayers of fertility) are appreciated!!

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