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7/25/12 8:54 P

On the weekend, I take advantage of the time by making a healthy breakfast. I go to the park, play soccer, go to the beach, bike ride, run, go to races, take long walks to the library, hike, swim...

Find something you love doing and do it. Dance class, gym class, spinning, pilates...

I know that work does give you structure but also having time off gives you time to do things you can't do during the week.

You can do it!

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7/25/12 8:46 P

Ask everyone to help you stick with your nutritional commitments. Usually people feel forced to help you, at least they try not to sabotage your plans, so you might get to eat some low calorie high nutrition food while others are devouring tons of calories and little nutrition.

MELCROSS74 Posts: 57
7/25/12 7:27 P

I just try to carry a large glass (24 oz) with me when I leave the house. Even if I don't get a chance to get more water I've at least had that much. Take a small cooler and pack carrots and fruit.

SHA-NONO Posts: 13
7/25/12 7:23 P

I seem to have more of a problem becasue we are on the go so much. We usually end up leaving at 10 or 11 in the AM and then do not get back until late, light 11 or so. This is when we run all our errands and usually we get roped into going my in laws. I find it harder to eat right, drink enough water and resist temptation (especially when everyone around me is indulging).

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7/25/12 4:22 P

Don't treat the weekends any differently. You still need to track your food. You still need to exercise. If you need the structure, structure your weekends so they're similar to work. SEt the alarm for the same time. Eat meals at the same time. Keep yourself busy. Staring at the television all day is a recipe for disaster; get active! Get an active hobby (I'm taking up biking) to keep you busy.

SHA-NONO Posts: 13
7/25/12 3:45 P

I am not sure if anyone is like me and does wonderful through the week (with the structure of work and the all day access to a computer) but then the weekend comes and it is a whole different story?? Any suggestions?

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