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1/29/12 6:44 P

I have a dress that my mother forced me to get 7 years ago when my now fiance and i moved in together.....Since we got engaged last month I've been stressing that I don't like that dress anymore (wearing a flowery poof dress and tiara is fine in your 20's but I think i'll look silly in my 30's)--Even my fiance said to make sure I have a dress i LOVE.....I think he knew I would have to get something different, since it's been so long since I bought that dress....

Anyways, went to the bridal show with my mom and sister (who is getting married 2 months after me)....we went to the sample sale there just to look and see what there was in styles since I wasn't sure about my I tried on a few...none were right, but I realized I loved mermaid style (just all the ones I tried were too floofy).....I gave up, but then my sister tried on a couple and FOUND her dress! She got a great deal (she wasn't looking for one either, she was going to wear a suit for her civil service and is having a corset and skirt made for her handfasting) was completely different than what she thought she would like.....all sparkly with a long train.....

I went to look for a dress I saw another girl try on, and walked by one that looked like another one I had liked but without the floof...I decided to give it a try...and it was THE ONE.....I guess it's more "fit and flare" than mermaid but it's a similar style....

SOOOOO, you NEVER know what you are going to like.....just go in, be positive and don't have high expectations of dresses making you look like a different're going to be YOU but BETTER...(on a side note, my sister is plus sized and was able to find something at a sample IS possible regardless of body shape)

1/26/12 4:40 P

When I went to try on dresses I was certain I was only going to like A-line dresses. I told the girl I would not wear a mermaid or fit and flare because my thighs are big. I'm glad she didn't listen to me because the dress I bought is a fit and flare and I am actually having it altered to make it more of a mermaid. I absolutely LOVE how the dress fits on me. The person makes the dress, the dress does not makes the person. Try a bunch of styles on and you may surprise yourself with what you chose and what looks good on you.

1/21/12 3:57 P

Thx KITTEN_351, I could certainly use good ideas like that.

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1/18/12 11:04 A

If you don't like strapless, find a dress you like and let the bridal consultant know that you don't like strapless. They can usually add straps. At David's Bridal, they said they could add straps for like under $20 as long as they had the fabric avaiable. Not to say you shouldn't look for your perfect dress, but if you find it and it happens to be strapless, don't hesitate to voice your concern.

1/2/12 12:25 A

I am really disgruntled by wedding dresses lately. I hate all the strapless dresses. But that is what the majority are. I'm also looking at second hand shops. But I might just break down and make it. Am I just being difficult? sigh!

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12/10/11 7:24 P

I got engaged in Nov. and shortly after I came to the realization that I would have to WEAR A DRESS... and then I was horrified! I first of all HATE dresses! I have never been comfortable in them in my life.. and then it occurred to me, that it was probably because I've never been comfortable in MY OWN SKIN! I don't feel like I'm going to be able to pick out a dress until I am where I need to be comfortably.. Unfortunately.. that's 50-55 lbs away.. if not more.
I have already lost 88 so I KNOW.. I can do it.. but I want my search for a dress to be exciting.. not horrifying.. emoticon

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12/8/11 2:38 P

I am getting Married in October 2012. On a spur of the moment, I stopped in a Bridal palce to try on some gowns. The sales attendant brought one to my attention and I immediatly rejected it. I tried on 4 or 5 dresses and wasn't wowed by any. Another sales attendent brought the same dress i rejected and I thought, well, it couldn't hurt to try it on. I LOVED IT!! I was on the fence as this was the first Bridal place I went to. I left with out the dress. I went to a few other places and nothing could compare. I just went on Sunday and bought the dress. I am 5'', 140. full bust and hips, narrow waist. I do hope to drop 5-10 lbs and really tone up for the pics. Moral of the story, don't automatically shoot down the suggestions of the Bridal Consultants. They are professionals and know what shape flatters every figure. (pic of my dress)

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12/5/11 2:36 A

I have been donig nothing but looking at wedding dresses for the last little bit... the weird thing is I never thought i would actually want to wear an actual gown.... well on Saturday I somehow ended up at a bridal store trying on dresses... and the second dress i tried on i got all shakey and watery eyes... i continued to try on other ones but kept going back to this second one... well i now have a wedding gown and i cant wait to loose my weight and be a knock out in this dress lol... well in my eyes lol lol lol

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12/4/11 11:59 A

I agree, try a bunch of different style dresses! I also LOVE the look of mermaid gowns, but on my body shape they don't look very good. Even if I lost all the weight I want to lose, they'd still look funny because I'm very pear shaped (huge hips, small bust).
One day I tried on an A-line dress because it was in the right colors, and it looked AMAZING. I never would have thought. Part of the challenge is finding the right dress to suit your body type. :) There is definitely a dress for everyone, it just may not always be the one you expect.

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11/17/11 6:39 A

I agree with everyones post, or atleast the responces I have read. You never know till you try! Also keep an open mind, my dress ended up being one I did not think of at all. Like you I LOVE mermaid dresses, but after seeing a few on, it didnt go well. So my consultent allowed me to try on some other dresses too. I ended up falling in love with a very simple a-line dress that had a dramatic back.

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11/9/11 9:58 A

try on several styles what you like on the rack might not be what you fall in love with when you have it on emoticon

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11/5/11 9:55 P

It is also good to go on a weekday. While most people are at work

I agree the saleslady that said that dress wont flatter you, etc. Was not a good sales person. She should have found the dress that your friend was looking for and let her try it on.

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10/31/11 6:04 P


Don't stress so much. Look over dresses and print some out to show to your consultant. They are pros and know what they are doing. I had so many dresses I liked and my consultant guided me through the entire process. In the end I picked one that she picked out for me and one I would have never guessed I would like. Once a dress is on your body it looks completely different so even though you may like a certain style (like me ) you may end up with a dress that is completely different (like me) and you will feel like a princess.

Communicate with the consultant about your fears, what you like and don't...they will help you out. If you can pick a bridal store that does not pay commission...even better...because then you know they have your best interest at heart. Best of Luck!

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10/20/11 12:01 P

Try all the dresses on that the consultant gives you. And do discuss what you are looking for. The good ones would listen to you, give you what you want and also put a few in that they think might also work. I went with a friend, she told the consultant what she was looking for, the consultant told her, that won't flatter you at all, what you are looking for are in these racks right here, have fun looking, and she walked away. So did we. So not good salesperson.

We went to the one I got my dress from, even got the same lady. She so listened, grabbed a few, put them in the dressing room, helped out until my friend fell in love with one. Offered a few, my friend didn't care for some, but listened to me when I said, you can never tell by just on the hanger, you have to try it on, I fell in love with mine when I actually tried it on, disliked it on the hanger.

You love the mermaid style dress. Go to several dress shops and check it out, you never know until you try on different styles of the mermaid dresses, and look online as well, if you see some, write down the style numders, etc bring it to the store, they may have it in stock and you can try it on. If the salesladies say otherwise, they don't deserve your business. They should be helping you feel special not stupid or ugly.

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10/2/11 10:34 P

When you do go shopping. Talk to the consultant and tell them what you like and your fears, everything. They have probably been working at the salon a long time. They know how to pair the right dress and bride together. I hear that when you see the dress that is the one, you just know it.

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10/1/11 2:31 P

It's not about the low self-esteem, it's about finding the right dress for you. I would do some online research of what style of dress would look good for your frame, problem areas, height, etc. The mermaid dress may look good online, but you may not like the way it looks on you; it's like shopping for anything, maybe it looks good on the hanger, but not on you or vice versa. You've got to go into the dress shopping with an open mind. Just go in there and try on a variety of styles to find what you like and what works for you.

9/24/11 8:29 P

Don't worry! I am a big believer in "there is a dress for everybody". There's always a way to work with your body type and to make alterations to draw focus towards your strengths. I actually think mermaid dresses can be flattering, just depends on the design. As for me, I am wearing a 2-piece corset with layered gathered chiffon skirt. The effect is very Vera Wang. I love how corsets hold me in at all the right places, and it also gives me some leeway in case I lose weight or gain weight before the wedding since it's adjustable.

Don't be too stressed or sad about it, bc this experience should be happy...I'm sure you'll look great~

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8/23/11 7:45 A

I absolutely love mermaid gowns! There was one I tried on that I actually felt confident in - it had an assymetrical mermaid hem, off the shoulder straps, and ruching. I wish I remember what style or number it was. But it made the most of my 200+ pounds :) Once you find the right gown you'll be confident!

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8/23/11 12:27 A

While I was looking at dresses today, I realized that the dresses I liked the most were "mermaid" style dresses, and that it would be very hard to to pick a dress with this low self esteem that I have. I feel like if I don't lose enough I wont like the way my dress looks on me when I go to have it fitted and I'm very nervous because I don't want to end up ruining my own BIG day.... emoticon

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