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5/20/12 10:16 P

25 stones is about 350 pounds, while most charts do not go up for taller people here is one that did:

According to that chart you are about 150 pound overweight, but that chart seems a little on the low side anyways. I do not like looking at height to weight charts, you could be a bodybuilder with 4% body fat at that weight and it would say you were over when really you were fit. A better judge is to get your body fat percentage checked (do not be confused with Body Mass Index or BMI as it is another chart). An accurate body fat reading will tell you how much of your weight is useless fat. To me, high fat means overweight, not the number on the scale...

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5/20/12 5:40 P

or slightly over weight my reply was er erm not sure but i think i am so 2 things I'm 6'4 and 25 stone in all honestly i think i am but at 6'4 what would be classed slightly overweight?

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