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8/16/12 8:42 A

maybe they are worried about you getting hotter and realizing that they are losing their hair and aging quicker than you. lol

MAINE_MOM71 Posts: 18
8/15/12 7:33 A

I know for me-I was definately an overeater. My husband could eat and eat and eat, and not gain a pound. I was the one who made the BIG dinners on the weekend and would have to try everything and in bulk. I think he was afraid I was going to try to convert him into my ''diet food'' ;-) He does understand now that I enjoy cooking and there are some really good recipes out there.

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8/14/12 7:35 P

Does he have a point?

How much are you eating?

He just loves you, and wants to make sure you're okay. If you show him the truth of what you're eating, perhaps he'll lay off?

AMANDAROX Posts: 304
8/14/12 2:11 P

Men can eat a lot more than women can because their metabolisms are much higher and they gain weight in different areas than women do. Try telling your husband that you’re experimenting by eating ¾ or ½ as much as he does and also making sure to eat the right foods so your own metabolism stays elevated all day. Also, you’re trying to change your way of thinking about food so unless he has the same goal that you do, he would be shocked to see how they way you used to eat and think about food is dramatically different than you are now.

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8/13/12 5:32 P

Since my wife knows the when I do something, I think it through and check it out first, she trusts my choices. Also, since she has watched as I've eaten good balanced foods, kept working out at a gradual pace, and consistently lost the 1-2 lbs per week I told her I was going to lose, she also trusts what I am doing.

The point is, especially for a man, the proof is in the figures(no pun intended). What we don't like is when we see things being done wrong. That's when we get concerned. My wife had gained weight the same as I had during our children raising years. When her grandpa that hadn't seen here in over 30 years called her chubby, she took it to heart and worked hard to lose weight. But it was not as methodical or in such of a educated way as I am doing. So yes, I am concerned that like so many others, when they try to lose weight, it is not done in a healthy way.

So show your husband facts and what your game plan is and I think he will not only enjoy watching you do it, he will probably join you. Keep the faith.

MAINE_MOM71 Posts: 18
8/13/12 3:45 P

I just had the similar conversations with my husband just last week. I started on Sparks just over a week ago and didnt mention it to my husband for a few days. When he saw my ''new meals'' he went into panic mode that I wasnt eating enough. Trust me I am eating enough. He was adorable in awkward ways where he would say, why dont we go for a walk so you can have a bigger dinner. Of course he has known me the same weight for the past 5 years and loves me no matter what.

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8/9/12 7:59 P

well, not really. But I am having trouble because my hubby dear looks at my "diet" meals and freaks out that I'm not eating enough to keep myself health/going. If I talk about wanting to loose weight, he shrugs and says If you want, but you look great to me. I'm just trying to get off the "baby weight" now that the "baby" is 3 years old!

I know I know, what awful problems to have, right? But....I can't get mad or have a confrontation because he is being so great, but it's almost imposible to stick to my plan on the weekend with this feedback. Has anyone else dealt with this?

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