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7/6/12 1:47 P

Thanks for the tip - when I go into something its both feet and then some....I was running late for work so only had oj - I am having soup for lunch = Pepto still seems to be working...I think what I need to do now is just get back to a square one - regardless, me not eating copious amounts of candy, chips and some of the other bads will help in the long run. I am training my bod to live without that junk. not giving up..........

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7/6/12 9:06 A

I always tell people to take things one step at a time. I focused on making one meal healthy then after my body adjusted to that then changed another meal. It took me a month to get on the right track. When I started eating healthier, my body protested too and that passed but it sounds like you need to eat more. I found that slowly integrating the fruits and veggies were easier on my digestive system. Hpope things get better.

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7/5/12 10:44 P

no I have not intended to go so low - I have been keeping reasonably close (one day went over) and have been tracking but today - I eat and I have to go to the bathroom.....only after taking some Pepto Bismal do I now feel like eating point was I went from an overeater - calorie bandit to a good little Sparkperson level, it has been a dramatic difference could that have triggered my issues with diarrhea?

7/5/12 10:31 P

Less than 250 calories per day? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't recommend anyone to go under 1200. Going under puts your metabolism in shock, you will end up gaining more weight in the long run, your body will get used to needing less, so you will end up gaining weight on what used to be a diet limit.

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7/5/12 9:54 P

I have been a very good girl for a few short days (since just Saturday - this is Wednesday) after being a very bad girl for a long time. not sure how to proceed from here. I am - fill in your own word in agoncy???? - I think too much salads too much water....let the race ensue. I know radically changing diets can cause issues. today I have had a small bowl of granola, lunch I only felt like eating half a small salad (couple of wheat thins and slice of muenster cheese) thats it...I know SP doesnt want me limiting my caloric intake to less than 250 for the day but after succumbing to a dose of Pepto Bismal - I just dont want anything started up again. has anyone had these issues? how to get through it????

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