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4/17/12 10:22 A

Thanks all!

I have been reading each post as it's popped up and you've all given me strength and hope. I've been doing a lot of thinking and working towards improving.

-unprepared? Yes... I decided not to overwhelm myself and just start with basics... more fruits and veggies. So that's what I bought and am doing. (I also now realize that everytime I've stepped onto the worng path, it has been because I was unprepared... I'll have to post a new question on that one! LOL)

-stress/anxiety makes me want to munch? Yes... you're right, I never heard of anyone going overboard on I've been making sure to tote an apple with me for days. If I get the urge to munch on something and look at my apple and decide it's not what I want, I guess I'm not really hungry. This has been working pretty well so far! Great tip!!! I also took the tip on gum... there are SO many new flavors out there! I bought a couple for those middle of the afternoon sweet cravings... I'm 50/50 on this one. I guess I'm just not a big gum chewer, but it works for the most part.

-eat junk=get junk.... you're right on that one... only I don't necessarily eat junk or binge.... it's the "just a bite or two" here and there throughout the day. I do know that certain foods make me dive into more and desire more... CARBS.. I absolutely LOVE a nice loaf of crisp fresh baked bread, or rice of any kind, etc etc...sweets you ask? eh...I can behave with those... I'd rather have the bread thanks. SO.... I'm trying to stay away from too many carbs. I know I can do it... it's just that first week or so when I'm getting them out of my system AND the fact that I need to prepare ahead of time for it...

-I'm also trying to remind myself of how certain food s make me feel in general. Rice, as much as I love it, makes me feel heavy, bloated and less energized for example. When I eat veggies as the main part of my meal, I feel more satisfied and don't feel like taking a nap. (and believe me, my plate is overflowing with veggies when possible...maybe the serving size is too much even for veggies... but hey... it's veggies... )

Ultimately I know what I need to do but fell into that pit of self loathing and sense of failure. I just need to set to it and prepare ahead of time.

Thanks for taking the time to help me climb out of the pits!

Oh and...
EYEOFTHETIGER67 - DON"T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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4/16/12 3:13 P

I will say, I have, well had the same problem. I mean, I still have it but for some reason I'm controlling it until I can go home and get help. I am abroad in Israel right now. Basically, I discovered I have/had a binge eating disorder. Maybe you have that too? Look it up online and look at the research and everything.

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,892
4/16/12 12:56 P

Are you eating sufficient and nutritious food? Could be your body wants something it isn't getting.

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4/16/12 8:30 A

me too...i just feel like giving up...i am up almost 20 lbs!

BUSY_BEE68 Posts: 79
4/16/12 8:27 A

I really like what MrsKJustice has said for the long term solution and have found it useful!

For immediate control, I state my feeling out loud. "I am not hungry but I'm ____________ (identified emotion). If I can name the reason why I'm feeling it I add it to the statement too. Then I check sparkpeople nutrition to see if I have room for a snack, I pick one out that fits my nutritional goals, then I consume. If the feeling still lingers, I do something- go for walk, go to bed early, internet, reading...whatever it is that can distract me.

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,292
4/16/12 5:40 A

I been the same way.. and its not just for a couple days, but can be weeks..
Not sure of the answer. It seems as though there are some smart people here with great ideas.. :)

4/16/12 12:20 A

Don't think of eating as something that has to do with willpower. I'm not sure that I believe in that concept. You are eating in response to something in your environment or in your head. Try keeping a journal of the thoughts you have around eating, and pay attention to where you are and what is happening when you feel like you are overeating. If you can figure out what situation or thought process is involved in your eating, you can take steps to avoid those situations or change those thought patterns. If you overeat, don't think that you are weak or whatever. Just realize that you were not prepared for that situation, make a note of it, and then make a plan for next time. You will have to keep practicing implementing that plan before it becomes automatic, so don't despair!

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4/15/12 9:27 P

this is a respons to first post written about snacking. We all get those days where we want to just grab a chocolate bar or some junk food and eat, what helps me stay away from junk food is write a list of all possible healthy snacks to keep handy at home and whenever you feel like snacking, you go to your list and make a choice. Also when you're feeling hungry, grab a bottle of water and drink it, it takes the craving away. Sometimes you may think you're hungry but you're not, you may just be thirsty. This will help. Take the time to write down all healthy snacks to eat at home. This will help you. Good luck. Be strong and you can do it. emoticon

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SLICKUS1 Posts: 4
4/15/12 8:06 A

I'm struggling myself with emotional eating. My problem is when I get home after work I want to munch. I have a very stressful job and my weight is picking back up again. So I'm going to work really hard this week to not reach for something when I get home. I will put on my sneakers and walk.

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4/14/12 1:35 A

Gum works for some people...

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4/13/12 3:32 P


Don't know if this will help, but I can tell that everyone here has had day(s) like that!
I find that not expecting perfection (does it even exist??) is calming.

Yes, there will be days when it seems like I just gotta eat! Do your best to make better choices, log it and don't beat yourself up about it. No one gets fat from ONE day of indulgence.
It's when you "give up" and tack on another day, and another day, etc. etc. that the trouble starts.

I do find that when I'm making better choices (more protein veggies and healthy fats), I am less inclined to feel like a bottomless pit.

Sometimes, I make these silly deals with myself: I can have X if I eat this whole bag of cut veggies first. Once I eat the veggies first, 1/2 the time the urge for the treat passes and if it doesn't, I eat it, enjoy it and don't feel guilty. And I got my veggies in for the day!

Good luck and hang in there.
This too, shall pass!

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4/13/12 3:22 P


Don't worry ! What's different about the last couple of weeks that wasn't happening before ? Are you under an unusual amount of stress ? Stress can cause a person to take a nose dive into comfort food. So, are you experiencing stress at work, home, family, relationship, school, etc... If you're emotional eating, have you read any of the Spark articles on emotional eating ?

The Spark articles have a lot of good techniques to help you get your emotional eating under control.

Also what are you eating ? if you're eating junk, try eating some fresh fruit instead. The natural sweetness of the fruit should help you curb any cravings for sugar you have. because here's the catch 22, the more junk you eat, the more you'll want to eat. That's why you have to do your best to get away from the junk. If you feel hungry, then eat an apple or an orange. Keep eating those apples until you feel sated. I have yet to meet a person who could mindless eat apples. at some point, they do get full.

And well, when you feel an urge to eat, go outside and take a walk. go to the gym I find a vigorous workout or even a walk around the neighborhood helps to keep me from eating anything that isn't nailed down.

Since we don't know anything about you, we're just taking educated guesses. What's going on with your life that's causing you to eat uncontrollably ?

4/13/12 2:21 P

I need help.... can't seem to stop eating.
I feel like no matter what or how much I'm eating the last few days or how bloated I feel... Or how much water I drink...I just want more to eat. I've gained weight, my clothes are tight,and I feel a mess and disappointed in myself. But I can't stop feeling like I need to eat. What's wrong with me????
If I tied my hands behind my back it wouldn't help.....I'd just use my mouth to get at stuff.
I just want to get some fat pants on, grab a chocolate bar, some pretzels and sit on the couch.... And no.... It's not the normal PMS beast rearing its head and no, I'm not pregnant. I feel so off balance....

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