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EASTENDCLAM Posts: 2,760
1/27/12 6:52 P

I like the pickles, lettuce also gives it fill. I always do soup when cold out, something about slurping down the warmth. I micro enough water to fill the thermos and pre-heat the thermos before the soup, it makes a big difference come noon.

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1/8/12 2:35 P

I like a nice hearty homemade soup I do variations on this recipe
Pack it with some fruit,nuts,greek yogurt.Whatever I can put in to hit about 600 calories for lunch

1/3/12 8:42 A

For some of us guys, protein is really important. You might want to try and add some nuts. They aren't french fries, but they are a good source of protein which may well keep him from getting hungry and are crunchy, so it gives him some different texture to enjoy. Play around with different types of nuts. For me, I discovered almonds were most potent. I have no clue why, but I can eat far fewer of them and walk away satisfied than with other types of nuts. There is a marked difference, I could eat peanuts or cashews forever ;)

LUNAESOL Posts: 11
6/26/11 1:46 P

He actually loved your idea. We went to the store yesterday and when I came around the corner of the isle I saw him standing there with different types of horseradish sauce reading labels! I backed out really quickly and went over to the deli to wait on him. He came up and tossed it into the cart with a brisk "this one" and headed off.

He just had a sandwich with it today and loved it, though he said you can really tell it's on there. He now wants to try the wasabi one as well. I think the problem we are running into is he was born in raised in Germany and he grew up on rich foods and it reminds him of home so it's hard to give up. I'm working on making old favorites a bit healthier. =)

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6/26/11 10:12 A

Well, best of luck on dragging him in. No one could make me eat right, I had to want to do it.

LUNAESOL Posts: 11
6/25/11 1:00 P

Thanks so much for your reply! The horseradish sauce is a stroke of genius! I will surely give that a try. Lettuce and pickles are a great idea, I'll try sending that in a separate container so the lettuce doesn't get soggy. I'm sort of dragging him into healthy eating kicking and screaming and he's not quite ready to give up the burger and fries. That's why I love your idea, horseradish will bring some flavor without all those wasted calories. =) Have a great weekend!

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6/24/11 8:48 A

Lean meat. I pack a wad of turkey for lunch. Give him a big fat sammich (or two) with lots of meat. Instead of cheese and mayo, maybe some horseradish sauce. I also like to load it up with pickles to give it some girth without adding many calories. Lettuce too!

LUNAESOL Posts: 11
6/23/11 2:41 P

I pack my S/O's lunch every day. He works 10 hours as an aviation electrician working on the military's helicopters. How can I pack a healthy, filling, man-friendly lunch that will last him all day long? What I am packing now leaves him hungry and sorely tempted to eat the pizzas, donuts, burgers, and hot dogs that the other fellas are eating.

So the question is, what do you guys bring to lunch and what snacks help you make it through the day without giving into temptation?

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