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4/29/12 7:44 P

For starters, I hate the idea of eating "clean" - it implies that anything that doesn't fall in that category is "dirty."

Food is neither dirty, clean, bad, nor good. It's just food. Some things you should have less of because they're not full of nutrition, but that doesn't mean you can't have them.

Those chips aren't "horrible", and there's no reason you should replace them or not have them. If you can't resist, that's one thing, but having a serving and tracking it in your calorie range is fine.

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4/29/12 6:33 P

i am not sure what those are, but make your own kale chips. healthy, can make all sorts of flavors and they are fun to make.

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4/29/12 6:24 P


I was eating clean for several days, until my sister had a bag of a snack that I find too tempting not to eat! She had a bag of Takis Fuego. I love the crunchy texture and spicy taste. I find it easy to stay away from other chips and snacks but the only ones that are hard for me to resist are Hot Tamales candy and Takis Fuego chips.

I won't go out and buy them myself but if someone else has some around me, then I just have to have some (if offered of course)! I know that they're horrible but I just can't resist. It was hard just to eat a serving but that's all I had. I do not wish to give in to it again and I know that if there is a healthier alternative out there that I can eat in place of it then I will stay away.

I've already replaced candy with fruits. If someone can help me with this then I would really appreciate it. I have to start over my eating clean program! I was doing so well too. emoticon I'll start again tomorrow.

What is a snack or food that you find hard to resist?

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