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HONORINGGOD Posts: 2,077
10/1/10 11:20 P

go dark

JOAN_HEO Posts: 3,145
10/1/10 1:29 P

You crave chocolate because it tastes so good! =)

SUZIEQS65 Posts: 1,781
9/30/10 6:07 P

You know what?...So do I...but until I lost my weight I never ate chocolate...never even liked, I want a snickers bar sometimes so badly that I have actually bought one and ate it in the car and throw the wrapper away so no one sees it!
Very odd behaviour for me..."shaking head"...but I have often wondered why I want it....

MARLIMOO Posts: 732
9/30/10 9:01 A

Do not restrict TOO much. Every once and a while- have some chocolate. Especially dark. Try - dark chocolate covered blueberries at Trader Joes. A little slice of heaven. MANGIA

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,535
9/28/10 1:43 P

Everything in moderation.

Just go out and buy one bar of quality dark chocolate and eat a serving, or less

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Posts: 425
9/27/10 9:06 P

I love chocolate...I could eat it everyday and I would not deny myself the privelege HOWEVER don't over due it.

DEEJD11 Posts: 24
9/25/10 3:16 P

I don't think you should denied yourself because you will eventually go hog wild. have some chocolate work it into your meal plan. Once in a while won't hurt if it keeps you on track.

CECHONE Posts: 7,029
8/24/10 10:26 A

Its good for you! Just don't over do it! A little bit is OK!

CARLAATC Posts: 228
8/24/10 9:57 A

Well if it's somethin you like and you've been denying yourself, then it's natural to want it. Why don't you try getting some dark chocolate and eating a quarter or half a serving.

8/23/10 1:01 P

I don't know at the State but Latino people, we are used to reward ourselves with food, maybe 'cause you've lost so much weight you feel like rewarding yourself with food, It's good to reward yourself but maybe you can go get a massage or get your hair done or buy a pretty dress or something... :)

Keep up the good work, it seems your doing just fine.

Best wishes!

8/19/10 10:38 A

i still crave too, don't worry lady, be strong!

8/18/10 11:54 P

I've heard that eating more protein (meats, beans, dairy) will help to curb cravings of sweets. Try it some time. :o) May just work!

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,685
8/18/10 3:55 P

You've done nothing wrong.
Losing weight means you lost pounds, not any cravings you might have!

Can you have one small piece to appease the craving?

MTTOP37 Posts: 143
8/18/10 3:47 P

I got on the scale this morning. I am below my weight of the past 3 years. I took the kids school shopping and now I can't turn off the craving for chocolate. I have no idea what went wrong.. I have been doing so good too.....good grief. emoticon

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