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5/28/12 4:49 P

How often are you actually staying up too late with the bf? I'll sometimes stay up late with my husband, but certainly not every night as I have to get up early and go to work. If you're staying up every night with the bf, you've got to put your foot down and say you're going to bed cause you need to get enough sleep to function the next day.

My guess is that not every night is spent up too late with the bf snacking so I'd recommend tracking to see where else you find yourself mindlessly snacking and why; are you bored, upset, etc? If you can at least curb it when you're not with your bf, the damage will be lessened.

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5/28/12 4:27 P

I agree with Dragonchilde. It's time for a heart to heart with the bf. I know how difficult this seems, because I recently had to do the same with my bf. Explain what you're trying to do and why. Then explain that you need his help to stay on track. Hopefully he will want to support you and see you succeed. Also, be clear about what kind of support you need. For example, I asked my bf to hide the sweets he brings home. I have a raging sweet tooth and it's like a compulsion if I know they're there. Bf doesn't have that problem, so he put them in a bowl and hid them out of sight. Every now and then he needs gentle reminders, but he tries to be helpful. Also, if it's an emotional eating issue, try to identify what need you're trying to fill, then substitute something else in its place.

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5/28/12 4:13 P

Time to sit down with your boyfriend, and explain to him point-blank why you can't stay up with him late anymore. Your sleep is more important than his need to be a night owl. He doesn't have to go to bed with you, but you KNOW that being tired make sit harder the rest of the time.

Also, it's important that you're getting enough during the day... what's your calorie range?

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,915
5/28/12 1:03 P

I see two options for you. Either find ways to avoid snacking or leave yourself enough calories from the day to cover the snacks.

You might find the latter suggestion easier. Make your snacks low calorie and tough eating. Celery and jerky rather than chips and soda.

Either way, the bottom line is self-control. If you don't decide to do it, it isn't going to happen.

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5/27/12 5:27 P

I try to eat often every couple of hours small meals and snacks...One of the things that i do on a regular basis is leave some calories for after dinner. Usually I have a bowl of cereal. I find it filling and satisfying. I choose cheerios 1 cup with 1 cup skim milk 180 calories. I add stevia to sweeten it. Microwave popcorn is another low calorie snack. I would suggest snacking on lower calorie foods...cut up an apple into slices, peel an orange and eat it section by section...anything that will take time to consume...but most of all what works for me is slowing down and thinking about every bite. It is ok to snack and eat often..just choose better things to eat.

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5/27/12 1:21 P

Thanks for the support, guys.

I am so frustrated, I am trying to find something to wear to my boyfriend's birthday BBQ, and I am just not happy with my body. My jeans are all tight, I can't wear 2 out of 3 of my pairs of shorts from last year, and I can't find anything to wear b/c nothing fits me like it did a year ago!! I am hoping this will help increase my motivation to change. Sigh..

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5/27/12 1:05 P


I understand you are snacking too much. I didn't see that you had said why. Are you truly hungry, if you are, then eat a meal, not a snack. You can also eat veggies for a snack. If you are not truly hungry, what are you feeling? Sometimes we don't really know what we are feeling. In that case, try journaling. Write the following sentances and after each write everything that comes to mind. Don't move on to the next one until you have finished with the the one you are on.

I am angry because...
I am sad because...
I am sorry (or I regret )...*this one is about acknowledging what cannot be changed*
I am thankful for...

I hope that helps,

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5/27/12 12:42 P

Your health needs to be your priority. Did you know that lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain (as people who don't get enough sleep produce extra appetite-increasing hormones)? Tell your boyfriend you're going to bed, and go to bed. What kind of man would be bothered by his girlfriend making healthy choices? Not one worth my time, I don't know about you...

Snacking isn't necessarily bad. If you're hungry all the time, it probably means your meals aren't filling enough. Look for high-volume foods- spinach has something like 16 calories PER CUP, while olive oil has 100 calories per tablespoon. You know what will keep you fuller, longer. Think about something like a spinach salad topped with red onion, chickpeas (or grilled chicken breast), slivered almonds and strawberries. Make sure your meals contain high-volume foods with lots of fiber and protein to keep you satisfied. Your snacks should give you a nutrient boost: an apple for fiber, fat-free Greek yogurt for protein and calcium, a shot glass full of mixed nuts for healthy fats, etc. When you've eaten within your calorie range, and met your nutritional goals, brush your teeth and call it a day. Kiss your boyfriend with your minty-fresh mouth and say, "Nighty-night!"

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5/27/12 12:32 P

I am becoming really frustrated-- I'm going about 600-800 cals over my recommended # each day, and I'm worried I'm going to start gaining weight!!! I often stay up late and have urges to snack, and will eat 300-1000 cals I'm not even hungry for! I eat fairly healthy during the day, but it's the late night snacks that are killing me-- I am trying to get myself to go to bed earlier, but my boyfriend likes to stay up and always bugs me to stay up with him, and I end up eating just to stay awake. Any advice??

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