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3/17/12 5:27 P

Good Morning, Like many people I know I have kept the clothes that "Shrunk over winter" in the hope I will one day get back into them. Just prior to my current change of life endeavours I sat down and went through the several chests of cloths and sent most of my collection to charity. It was a little sad but also refreshing, getting rid of the old clothes was my starting point to getting rid of the habits and baggage I have carried around with me for years. My fresh start not only gave me a lot more space but a new ambition to buy some new clothes when I am ready. At 45 I know I will never be the size I use to be but now I aim to look my age and be fashionable about it. Good Luck and remember to look forward not back.

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2/22/12 10:15 P

Thank you for informative words... I will set myself a goal of if I dont lose at least 50 pounds by this July I will just let the clothes go!! That is some great advice thank you... At least it will give me something to reach for!! :)

SAS202554 Posts: 489
2/22/12 8:39 P

I have clothes that are too small for me. I don't want to give them up,but I have decided that if I can't get into them by this August I am going to give them away!!!! If not they may dry rot from being so old!!!
It is hard to give up clothes, but I want someone to get use out of them.

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2/22/12 3:45 P

We are moving in less than two weeks. I have lived here for 3 years so that means I have clothes from before I had my 3 years. I have been so upset today packing up all those little clothes I used to wear. Trying to fight back all the tears because I cant decide whether to keep them or just give them away.... Will I ever be a size 5 again? or a size 7? or a size 9? or should I just give up and give them away.... tears :( ...... has anybody ever experienced this I need some major support right now!!! emoticon

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