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I know how hard it is to be that close to goal, but don't give up ! Consider all the really important healthy things that have already happened to your body even though you're not quite at goal yet. Since you started taking better care of yourself, your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol have all decreased. You've increased your cardiovascular and muscular strength. You've strengthen your bones.

In short, you've improved your standard of living and DECREASED your risk for many diseases including heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. Living a long healthy life strikes me as a really good reason to NOT QUIT.

So, you're not at goal yet. That doesn't mean you should chuck it all in. You need to be patient with yourself and your body. Also, you may have to re-assess whether or not your goal weight might be too low for your body to sustain. Many women have been known to choose a goal weight that is too low for their body to maintain. That might be one reason you're finding taking off those last few pounds so difficult.

My advice ? Why not maintain your loss for a while. Stop thinking diet. It's one thing to take the weight off, now you have to keep it off. You may start feeling much better about yourself if you maintain your loss for a few weeks or even months. Once you've kept your initial weight loss off and let your body maintain its current weight, then you can think about trying to lose those last few.

No one should be stuck on a permanent diet. At some point, you really do have to decide when to stop and maintain.

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Hi Lishwa,

While I know it is frustrating to work so hard and not get the results you want or expect, hang in there. The closer one gets to her goal the more due diligence one must be with making sure you keep on tracking your nutrition and working out.

Remember healthy living is a lifestyle. This will have to be the way you live your life the rest of your life. Losing weight slowly has been shown to lead to greater success for those keeping the weight off so don't despair. Remember you don't have to have a perfect life to have a healthy lifestyle.

Coach Nancy

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6/16/12 8:25 P

The last ten pounds feels impossible right now. With the exception of two weeks I've hovered around 131 since March 5 despite adding more/switching cardio, changing my strength training, drinking more water. Nothing seems to help. I'm within 5lbs of the upper limits of my BMI, but those extra 5lbs will put me in a position where I am truly happy with my body.

It's frustrating that I've worked for so long to get to my goal, and now I am slipping because nothing has changed. My food intake in the last two weeks has been absolutely awful, and I've exercised considerably less because I feel like this is never going to happen. I feel like I will never be at a healthy weight again.

Any words of wisdom/advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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