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emoticon Make SEPTEMBER the best month yet. Use all 30 days to work toward your goal.

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8/31/12 9:44 P

HI ! Just wanted to post a note to say I have had an incredible week and cant believe myself really! I still dont get online everyday to keep track of my goals like I want to but guess what ?
This week... I walked over 4,000 steps everyday and also rode my bike everyday for over 30 minutes!!!!! I created a map and every day I added more distance and today went 7.2 miles!!!! I feel excited to go again tomorrow and add another mile! I even bought myself a comfortable gel seat for the bike, and rain gear as where I live we have allot of it but that way, no excuses !!!! I have been eating so much better and cut out sweets almost 100 % ! (yesterday had ice cream).
WHen I look at the calories I feel overwhelmed like I'm eating to much, but when I look at what I ate all day and count riding my bike, it all makes sense !! I just wish I could remember to post more but at least I'm working hard and moving forward! Anyways, just feeling proud of myself and wanted to share with others who can really understand how much the successes mean to us! thanks for listening and I will keep you posted!!! emoticon

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