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7/7/12 6:57 P

could have to do with crystal lite, or needing a bathroom all night, either way, it was just a speed bump, I do find having a planned snack in the evening with a protein, not a carb helps me to sleep better. If i have a carb before bed I will certainly wake up during the night hungry, and that is a set up for a sabotage emoticon

7/6/12 5:41 P

Was the party at home and do you therefore have some crystal light leftover? If so go and throw it away. You know now that it doesn't work out well for you so getting rid of it is a positive step towards ironing out your "blip day". Don't forget you can just have a few less calories each day this week and maybe squeeze in an extra workout.
Does it make you feel any better to know that I went 2000 calories over budget in one day last week due to drinking too much red wine and eating too many kettle chips with a couple of good friends I hadn't seen for ages? I had a FANTASTIC night though, just like you did at your party. This week I've eaten a lot more veg and cycled to work a few times and hey, it's all evened out.

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7/6/12 1:50 A

Wow! It sounds like you learned something valuable about your body!

Have a normal dinner and treat this as a learning experience. Now you know that crystal light, which is pretty much an unholy concoction of artificial sweeteners and and preservatives, doesn't sit well with you and you can avoid it in the future.

This whole experience of re-learning how to eat is a great opportunity actually. During this process we get to really start paying attention to how our body reacts to certain things. You *know* Crystal Light caused a problem and you know how to prevent that problem from happening again. You are a better person for it! Keep moving forward :)

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7/5/12 6:35 P


Whatever you do, do not try to skimp out on your dinner. Doing so could leave you hungry and more vulnerable to eating later in the evening. Remember weight loss occurs over a period of many days strung together so even being slightly over your calorie range today will not undo all your hard work. Learning to life a healthy lifestyle is a takes time.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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7/5/12 6:24 P

OMG I just track my food and I over eat today, I don't know how, the only thing I got different today was that I bought a Frappe Mocha from Mc Donald's,and it was because I did my workouts today and I didn't ate any breakfast before doing them, I'm not sure if it triggers my hunger... Jeezz I was soo god and in range until today.... emoticon

7/5/12 5:48 P

I had a wonderful party, did well, ate only the planned things, but I drank Iced tea with crystal light- I must have had a gallon of it. It keep me up all night, and when I did sleep, I just tossed and turned and dreamed about food. Halfway awake, I ate 4 pop tarts, a cookie and a cold hamburger. Then I went back to sleep in a sugar coma, missed my appointment at the pool. My daughter woke me up at 2;30 PM, out of concern that I was ill... I tracked it all and have 300 calories for the rest of the day. Now what do I do? I think that the crystal light triggered the need / want for sugar. I heard fake sugar can do that, and I haven't had any for so very long.

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