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ANARIE Posts: 13,205
7/27/12 1:34 P

Weight loss doesn't happen in a nice straight line. Sometimes you gain a little for no apparent reason, and sometimes you lose more than you "should." We always remember the gains, but we forget the "bonus" losses!

Two weeks is not cause for panic. It's frustrating, but it's normal. Sometimes your body just has a little "weight tantrum," and you just have to be firm with it, refuse to indulge it, and wait until it's ready to behave itself again. Wait it out, and probably sometime in the next three weeks you will suddenly lose a "chunk" that's more than your normal weekly loss.

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
7/27/12 1:21 P

probably a silly question but are you checking your portion sizes carefully? Some things can be deceptive.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
7/27/12 1:15 P

You're off to a great start! Now kickstart your metabolism with some cardio. Ease into it, do a nice warmup and cool dowm. Evaluate each week, and when you can, add a bit more to challenge yourself.

Find a type of cardio that you enjoy and you are more likely to stick with it. Good luck!

TSINCLAIR1965 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/27/12 1:12 P

Keep staying on track. Fluctuate in your calorie range each. Some days eat the lower end of the calorie range and then eat towards the higher end. Make sure you're calculating your exercise correctly. I always under estimate what I burn just to play it safe.

EXNOLA Posts: 320
7/27/12 12:48 P

It takes a while sometimes, I have heard that women who are over a certain age and/or have had children take longer to get started. There are no quick fixes for permanent weight loss. Are you eating more fruits than veggies? Are you eating lots of bananas and avocados?
For me, I have been working at it seriously since the start of April, and have lost 3 pounds and most of that has been in July. However, I feel better. I can run farther. My body is changing, but the scale really isn't yet. It will come.
Also, I think it is fair to say that everyone has a buffet type incident once in a while. It is not bad, it just can't happen all the time. Log what you eat when you do decide to eat like that and maybe next time you'll eat less because you know you'll have to be see just what you ate in the numbers. Keep at it! Everything takes practice, even eating healthy foods and healthy portions. It is a long road but totally worth it.

LORILYNN64 SparkPoints: (6,510)
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7/27/12 1:14 A

OK so I was bad about 3 weeks a go hit a buffett and could not stop on the fried butterfly shrimp or steak but I got right back on track been eating lots of fruits and veggies I have even lowered my meat intake and for me thats like HUGE for me!! I have been right at or under my nut. goals every single day and yet I have gained week for two weeks in a row. Not a lot but I dont know why I am not l not loosing?? I have like 200 lbs to loose so I am not really exercising much but I have in the last few weeks been trying to move a bit more but as I said I have gained. I need some help here I just wanna go eat myself silly but I know it wont help but I will feel like at least then I will know why I gained Argh I just wanna give up so Please Spark People Help me out PLEASE!!!

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