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3/14/12 12:01 P

I will be coming in later tonight to see how many people reply to this message because I want to see how many friends I do have in here,

I will be ordering a copy of my book so I can review it for the 3rd time and then making it available for people to order, I know that there is a few people who enjoy reading poetry so when I let you know when its available then please let me know that you will be ordering a copy.

I have a picture of the book in my photos on my SparkPage so please go and have a look and let me know what you all think.

I went for a walk today and got in 3478 steps which is great for me but I will be getting a treadmill that I will be getting on in the evenings so I can get in more steps.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
Fitness Minutes: (20,013)
Posts: 520
3/13/12 8:18 A

I am back for day 13, sorry I haven't posted in the past few days but I have been having trouble getting on my computer due to my boys hogging it all day. I will be in again this afternoon to post again.

Things are finally working out for me and my hubby. 1 of 3 life insurance checks are in and now we can pay off the car his mom had yahoooo. I am going after a new treadmill today as well and I cant wait to try it out tonight.

Stepped on my scale and I lost 2 lbs which makes me very happy.

KTISFOCUSED Posts: 1,492
3/9/12 8:13 A

I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend. The poem is beautiful, I can so relate because I am blessed with a couple best friends that I can tell anything to. You are going through difficulties but you are still choosing to take care of you. Congratulations on not letting your difficulties keep you down. I wish you the greatest success.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
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3/9/12 2:43 A

Well I did it today. I went to my best friends funeral and it was nice seeing all of Dorothy's and I friends again after so long. I cried because I knew it was going to be hard to say good-bye to her. I have known her since 1997 and we have been best friends ever since.


You went through a lot in your life
But now you are free
To sore above the heavens like
The angel you are because
You will never be forgotten
I will always keep you in my heart
I felt your spirit near me
As if you were guiding me
You are my best friend and
I love you and we will
Be best friends
Forever and eternity

I know that she will be part of my heart for ever because we shared every secret with each other, she knew what I was feeling and how it made me feel knowing that she was there for me to talk to when I had something bothering me.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
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3/6/12 11:14 P

My day went well today until I found out that my best friend's daughter just lost her new born baby to social services for no reason. I am the babies godmother and it bothers me that she lost him. Do they have the right to use her mothers death against her the way they did or are they doing it to prove she is an unfit mother. She took care of him like a mother should. I feel that my rights as a godmother has been taken away as well.

I plan to exercise each day until she has him back. I am finding that if I exercise each day for about an hour each time then I can accomplish my goal without over doing it. I hope to get in 3 set of 20 reps 3 times a day if I can. I am going to start walking more and taking time to let my mind wonder so I can come up with new poems as I exercise and go for walks. I know I can do this.

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
3/5/12 1:57 P

Welcome back and taking it one day at a time is perfect.

NEWMOM20121 SparkPoints: (79,338)
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3/4/12 10:22 P

Glad you made it back. One day at a time. emoticon

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
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3/4/12 7:47 P

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven't been in for a while but I have been go through a rough time in my life lately but now I am back because I have decided not to let anything bother me anymore. I will be posting all the time from now on and will post all about what is going on in my life and how I will be changing things up so I take care of me and not worry about everyone else in my life except my family and parents,

I am starting this as day 1 on my journey

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