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4/17/12 11:04 P

I truly apreciate all the advise and reasurrances! I think I did learn a lesson. I feel like i have to be perfect sometimes so I guess i should just treat this as a lesson learned and go on...I did eat dinner, almost forced myself to since I have just had some very serious issues with my husband to deal with. I had a nice big salad with lemon and vinegar and two small peices of pizza that were hmemade with lowfat mozzarella cheese and pineapple and mushroom and lean ham. So I went over the fat allowance big time.i won't feel like eating for the rest of the night now, after finding out some things and having a very upset stomach due to anxiety. i just hope i don't turn to junk food...i haven't so far, so I hope i can keep going.

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4/17/12 7:01 P

I don't really have anything special to add, everyone seems to already have said it. But I do wanna let you know that you're definitely NOT alone- I struggle with this especially, because I love to eat out. I'm a good cook, and I enjoy cooking sometimes, but I really enjoy eating out. However, having said that, that's why I'm here.... I eat too much! I agree wholeheartedly about remembering to read the Sparkpeople motivation pages. That helps so much!

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4/17/12 5:49 P

First, just take a deep breath. Getting stressed never helps the weight fall off, and to the contrary can make it more difficult.

One strategy I find helpful when I eat out is to ask the server to put half of my meal in a to go box before they bring it out. Once it's in the container in a bag much less likely to pull it out and eat it.

Keep in mind that we have to burn 3,500 calories over the course of a week to lose 1 lb. Being over one day isn't necessarily going to keep you from losing. If you hit the buffet and the Red Robin you might consider increasing your water a little for the next few days to help get rid of all the sodium in that food.

I try to turn guilt around and use it as a force to plan for the next few days. Do you have to eat out for any business reason? If not, then plan your menu, make some lunches you can take to work, fix some healthy dinners that you can freeze.

One meal isn't our undoing - it's repeating that dozens, hundreds, thousands of times that causes our problems.

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4/17/12 5:32 P

Wow! You must have been reading my mind! This is exactly how I felt when I woke up this morning and felt panicked and didn't know what to do after overeating and not exercising yesterday.

It was pretty simple but what worked for me was reading some of the articles on the SP motivation page. I was quickly reminded that set backs would happen and that the best thing to do would be to get right back on track. It didn't erase the calories but it did help reset my panic button and stopped me from beating myself up.

You seem to be off to a great start with losing 15 pounds so far! Congrats! And checking the RR site before hand was smart. Eat healthy the rest of the day...

@ Radiotikspark1- great advice!

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4/17/12 5:01 P

First, you are off to a good start no matter what. You looked up your meal before hand, walked in the door, and ordered what you had planned on. Okay, so that info turned out to be wrong, you can't win them all, but just by going through those actions you have done more than most people are capable of doing!

Second, you have learned a valuable lesson: you can't trust everything you see on the internet. Start at the website of any restaurant then look other places. Start to favor going to restaurants that post their nutritional information (in other words, give your money to companies that help you out), and start to be more secure about the real nutritional content of your choices.

Third, do what you did today, only with more information! This is about learning to function properly in all situations, not about what you did wrong in one tiny little instance. You have the tools and even the motivation. Next time is going to rock!

There is no need to panic. There is also no need to punish yourself by not eating when you are hungry later. Pay very close attention to your body and choose to have your meal when you honestly feel hungry, then have the normal healthy meal that you planned to have before you found out about the problem with lunch. Making up for extra calories really isn't the best thing to do. Concentrate on making good choices meal by meal rather than some sort of grand cumulative thing. Make a healthy dinner tonight: know that tonight you made good choices. Tomorrow is another day.

If doing some exercise will make you feel better about all this do it! But do it to feel good, not to punish yourself.

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4/17/12 5:00 P

Mistakes happen for sure, so do not beat yourself about it. If you are still hungry today, I would just munch on fruits and veggies if you can. If you are starving, have a bit of lean protein too. Try not to go way over your range, but don't starve yourself either.

I would not over exercise because it is not good to "punish" yourself. If it is your exercise day, be sure to meet your fitness minutes today. If not, maybe you could fit in a nice walk tonight.

In my experience, it is hard to control what you are eating when at restaurants. If this is a temptation for you, maybe you should try to eat more at home for the time being. Most restaurants are very heavy in the calories.

Hope this helps and good luck!!!!

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4/17/12 4:36 P

So does anybody have any suggestions for what I should do for 'eater's regret'? I looked at SP nutritional values of Red Robin's burgers, decided that I should get the California Chicken Sandwich BEFORE I even went to the restaraunt. I ordered the sandwich and a side of sweet potato fries and when I came home realized the Nutritional info I looked at was wrong. I looked up the Red Robin Website and found that I had actually eaten over 1,000 calories and went over my fat for the day!! I am panicking a little ! I will be hungry later and don't know how to proceed! Should I just make sure I stay within my calories, carbs for the day and make sure I don't eat any or hardly any fat? I feel like I can't eat anymore today, even though I still have room for calories but not much!!!! Yikes and EEEEK! Help!

I have such a problem with this because I ate at a Buffet just 3 days ago and felt I needed to make up for the extra cals already! And now this! Should I just try to exercise and just put it behind me?

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