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7/10/12 10:34 P

This happens to me too. I can't always avoid it, but before I get carried away and completely ruin a good days healthy eating, I try to distract myself. Doing my nails works, because the smell of nail polish and remover kills apetite. Also getting out of the house for a walk, or to run an errand helps because by the time I get back I'm back in the right mindset and can avoid going back to over eating.

7/8/12 2:33 P

It's a good idea to put visual motivators in my kitchen and to be exact on the fridge. Thanks for the idea. Yes, I will try to ask myself first and think twice before I do something stupid with this body. Thank you for your reply.

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7/8/12 8:41 A

Do you have up any visual motivators in your kitchen? Something to remind you of your goals and the relation that you daily actions have to meeting those goals? I find that those are very useful to me (not failproof, I still occasionally over-indulge) in reducing mindless or boredom snacking. Since you mentioned that your not hungry, it's also helpful ask yourself a few questions before picking up the snack. If you're not doing it for nutrition, and you're not doing it because you're hungry, why are you doing it? You'll probably find that whatever reason you come up with is not a valid one for someone trying to lose weight ;)

Good luck mastering those cravings!

7/8/12 7:48 A

Actually I have problem with mood swing, I'm also dealing with depression. I tend to eat when I'm stress. No, I didn't exercise enough last week. My snack will be tofu, fruit or peanuts but still too much of everything wont be good. I dont feel hungry actually, I just really want to eat something, just now I grabbed another 2 gold kiwi fruits.
By the way thank you so much for your reply, I'm glad I can share with someone

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7/8/12 6:38 A


Have you been under any unusual stress recently ? Are you having problems with family, school, work, friends, relationship ? Stress is a neglected aspect of weight gain. If a person could reduce their stress, they'd automatically reduce their waistline. So, if you have been under a lot of stress recently, do your best to try to relax. I know that isn't easy, but if you can chill a bit, you may find those cravings decrease.

Have you increased the amount of exercise you do ? If you're doing more exercise, that too would explain the increased cravings. Increased exercise means you're burning more calories. That in turn causes your body to crave more calories. When you exercise more, your body needs more energy to do the extra work. So, if you have increased the amount of exercise you do, you will need to eat more.

Are you bored ? Boredom tends to be a big reason many people mindless snack. try to keep your mind and fingers busy. when you feel hungry, reply to a post in the forums. be verbose ! LOL !! the point being when your mind is busy, you won't think about food.

And if you have too many snacks in the house that are tempting, the snacks should be replaced with healthier snack options. So, when you feel an urge to eat, grab a piece of fruit. I have yet to meet a person who could binge eat apples.

Just a few random thoughts.

7/8/12 6:13 A

HELP! I dont know whats going on with me the last few days, I ate a lotttt and keep eating more and more. My calories intake is so much higher than usual. And want to eat snack all the time, sometimes I want something salty then I want something sweet. I even ate mindlessly on midnight and I gained weight (obviously). I want to stop this, anybody have the same experience?

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