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7/3/12 2:06 P

Hi CONGRATS on reaching your goal! Below is a link to SparkPeople's Healthy Lifestyle center for weight maintenance. There you will find lots of great information and advice. I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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Congratulations on reaching goal !! Now what ? Well, now you have to keep the weight off for a period of time. And yes, that means you're going to have to start eating more to maintain your weight. No one should be on a permanent diet. So, don't be afraid to increase the amount.

You're going to have do some experimentation to find the right balance of diet and exercise to maintain your weight loss. You might want to give yourself a buffer zone i.e. say your goal weight plus or minus 2-3 pounds. Your weight IS going to fluctuate. You don't want to beat yourself up if the scale goes up. You're going to see a slight upswing and that's normal. What you don't want is for any unhealthy habits to creep back into your life.

All the habits you adopted to take the weight off, you're going to need to keep it off. Indulge, but try not to overindulge too much. Maintenance is a balancing act because no one should be on a permanent diet.

Congratulations ! Oh and consider joining one of the maint spark teams for more support.

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I'm a size 8..................... now what? Hey Spark Family! I have reached/exceeded my weight loss goal and I am terrified. I went from a size 16 to a size 8 and for the first time in my life I have very toned arms and (almost) a six pack. Now what do I do? I want to maintain and when I adjusted my goal on sparkpeople it said that I need to eat 300 calories more than what I am currently eating and that scares me. I am not interested in losing any more weight, but I sure don't want to gain anymore. I think maintenance is scarier than weightloss. I didn't work this hard to lose 55 pounds only to turn around and gain it all back, please help! Any suggestions?

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