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TRYING16 Posts: 112
2/3/12 3:25 P

Hi Fellas!

I see several "new" guys down at the bottom of the thread trying to lose some real weight.
You can do it. Start lifting weights, do some cardio and start eating "better". Keep interested and set your small goal as mentioned below. Always remember that looking and feeling good outweigh any junk meal you can eat. When you get an urge to eat crap fight it off by thinking "will this help me reach my goal?"
I dropped 75lbs in 8 months and pretty much kept it off for 2 years. Avoid all or nothing, self defeating thinking... just keep looking forward. You want a greasy burger or your favorite junk, thats fine, just keep it to once a week, schedule it, have control or your diet. Food tracking does help because it keeps you very accountable and teaches you immediatly how much you may be over eating and not even realize. Before yhou know it people will be asking you for advice!! Good luck and keep it up!

EASTENDCLAM Posts: 2,760
2/1/12 7:12 P

Hi! You're looking for the kind of loss I was. It's a big goal, trim it down. Look for smaller goals. Try 15 minutes of exercise, then 30 minutes, an hour, whatever. Look at it as 5 lbs here and there. There's lots of info on the site to help.

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1/18/12 5:09 P


I've been here since the fifth of July of 2011 and I've lost 60+ lbs. If you asked me, I would say the "formula" is:

1) Planning a goal weight and a loss of 2 lbs per week (at first it will be much more, but on average, that would be a good number).

2) Keeping a food diary and making sure you have a caloric deficit (calories eaten minus calories burned). Remember on average -3500 calories = -1 lb of fat.

3) Exercising at least for 30 minutes, four times per week. Eventually those numbers will rise, but I wouldn't overdo it in the first weeks.

4) Preparing your mind for eventual failure. You may slip off your "diet" eventually. The secret is getting back on right on the next meal without worrying about the last one.

Read the success stories in this site. They are inspirational and keep you focused on your objectives.

Best of success to you!

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1/17/12 10:10 A


Your goal is very reasonable and doable. Be patient with yourself, and dedicate yourself to regular exercise and healthier eating, and watch the weight start to melt away. Slowly and surely, but for good.

I went from 185 to 160, so I'm similar to you in a way- neither of us has a huge amount to lose, so if I could do it, so can you. I started by walking, and eating more healthy snacks and meals. I lost weight, and got more motivated. I felt good about my success, and started to jog- more success. Then I added strenth training, learning a GREAT DEAL about it here at SP, and really started to focus on my diet. I reached my goal, and have been maintaining 158-163 range weight since last May.

I don't believe in strict dieting or how many calories I burn. I just try to eat correctly- I have no taste for potato chips any more, for example, and would rather eat a bowl of grapes than a piece of apple pie. I also know that if I work out and put in an honest effort, i will have built up my body and burned calories.

The strict diary entry of food eaten and incesant worry about calories in and calories out doesn't work for me- healthy, reasonable eating, good exercise, maybe some more proteins, and I've been good.

Good luck!

N0_EQL Posts: 627
1/16/12 4:24 P

I have been here a year. At that point I have set as a goal for myself one pound a week for 3 years.

Last May I broke my leg. The lack of activity set me back 6 pound. But it came off quickly once I went back to work and could be more active.

After tracking my food for a year I see a consistent pattern of getting 40% or more of my calories from fat. So this year my goal is to eat a more balanced diet cutting the fat by 30% or better.

If you use a smart phone the app is great. I have an Android.

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1/16/12 11:18 A

Thats a great idea!

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
1/16/12 8:44 A

i also carry a food journal around and write down what i eat until i can get to a computer, and put in my food.

CMOMINEE Posts: 84
1/15/12 8:56 P

I have been on this site for a week now, but started working out 28 days ago. Was about 180 in the Army and then went to the doctor recently and had reached 242. Started working out on my own and lost about 18 lbs. Then I found this site and it has helped. My biggest advice: use the daily nutrition tracker! Now that I have a cyber-accountability tool, I have really learned where I need to cut down on my foods and eat healthier. Good luck, and know that we are here to support you.

MANDALORE Posts: 1,251
1/15/12 8:55 P


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1/15/12 7:21 P

i'm new to this myself,my wife & i started this together & i didn't know how hard it was going to be,but i've only been at it for a few days & i can feel a bit of more energy.i'm starting to feel better about myself by doing this.i weigh 246.8 & trying to get down to 175. i was up to 290 but lost most of that in 3yrs,so i'm hopeing this will help me loose the last 72lbs. sooner. hope you do well on your goal. good luck & i will talk to you on here later

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1/15/12 5:22 P

well i weight about 200 and im trying to get to 165 and loose some of these fat that i have , i been gaining weight during the winter of last year and it was pretty hard until i found this site i think this could help me , if anyone would love to please feel free to do so ....

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