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That's awesome! Keep up the great work and good luck on your journey. emoticon

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3/22/12 11:47 A

What an inspiration!

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3/22/12 10:39 A

You are an incredible inspiration!

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3/22/12 10:19 A

Hey, sounds like you have a great health program going! 80 pounds is FANTASTIC! And you weathered a stretch with no loss and a medication that infamously causes weight gain! Excellent commitment! You will reach your goal for sure! Post more! You have a lot to share that others could really benefit from! emoticon

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So you find you did great on your diet all day long and you're almost ready to turn in for the night, and something comes over you and you blow the diet. Is it a fear of success or failure that we sabotage our diet? I've dieted on and off in my teens and twenties, strict unpleasant diets that involve a lot of grapefruit and celery that mostly left me feeling deprived and starving. I think that is where my anxiety comes from, my subconscious just doesn't want to go down that road again. I've come up with a strategy to counter attack these feelings. I buy healthy low calorie foods and I don't mean carrot sticks and celery. If you are having trouble starting your diet, go out and stock the fridge and freeze with enjoyable alternatives in which to cheat with. I started out with chocolate yogurt bars, 70 calories each. Even if I eat two of them I still haven't blown my diet like I would eating Ice cream. I still lose weight and the boost of that weight loss replaces the worry. It's empowering. As the diet progresses the anxiety and urges to self sabotage slowly go away and I'm able to wean out the extra snacking. I had a variety of snacks planned a head of time and I choose to buy individual servings sizes to track my cheating accurately.
#Popsicles sugar free and 35 calories. I like the weird flavors like Lemonade, they take a long time to eat so I've regained control of my diet by the time I've finished one.
#Chocolate yogurt bars that taste great and are 70 calories.
#Jello made with fruit, or cottage cheese mixed in it. Jello is low calorie, zero fat, and the protein in it helps stop hunger.
#Yogurt in the individual servings, 35 calories they come in assorted flavors, I also stir the yogurt with the chilled Jello.
#Ginger snaps and Graham crackers. Lot of flavor so they satisfy.
#Flavored Croutons, I munch on them instead of chips. They are so hard that I tire of eating them and satisfy my craving before I ruin my diet.
#1/2 cup of cereal without milk (finger food). 100 foot loops eaten as finger-food 1-2 at a time is tiring to eat.
To make matters worse I was a major evening snacker while watching TV. I started an evening walking routine and the snacking problem solved itself. When I get home I make dinner and then before I sit down and get comfortable for the evening, I force myself to go out for a walk. I had always thought it would be difficult to add walking into my evening but once I did it, I now find I have too much time on my hands. I now dislike watching TV, I find I'll try to sit through a program and then I get restless. The next thing I know, I'm cleaning the kitchen or doing the laundry. I wouldn't go so far as to say I have more energy, I just find sitting in front of the TV boring now. And as a result I'm not snacking either. I'm now exploring new hobbies. I know I would have found breaking the habit of evening snacking stressful because it was how I relaxed. Cutting out snacking would have left my nerves on edge and I know the diet would have ended as quickly as it started.
If you don't want to walk then find one hour of something to do before you sit down to watch TV.
Do that one hour activity in a room other than the room you normally snack in.
Even if you just read a book in another room other than the you are used to doing your snacking in. This is the first step in breaking that habit.
Starting the diet was the hardest part of the diet.
I've been on it for 10 months now and have lost 80 pounds.
I walk and diet. I began my weight loss program by walking everyday for 40 minutes and I now walk twice a day for a total of 2 or 2.5 hours. When I realized how much walking it takes to work off one pound it became easy to say no to cheating on my diet. It takes 30 to 35 miles to walking off one pound! However I recommend walking to help tone your body while you lose weight. My legs look great, like they did when I was slim and 20 years old. I also found that I've built stomach and back muscles from walking. I didn't know it was such a good core workout.
I've had success with both the meal replacement (frozen dinners at lunch) and the high protein diets. But for the most part I just eat plane food from the four food groups. I've been eating bland foods that are free of sauces and spices, I find I stop eating when I'm full instead of continuing to eat because it tastes good. I don't miss the fattening foods anymore either. I'll not go back to eating fast foods or junk food now that I'm detoxed from it. I was 278, I'm 195 now and want to go down to 150-135 range. I figure I will reach the goal late summer or Fall of 2012.
I found my 4th month of dieting really hard, I just didn't lose weight no matter what I did. The Doctor had put me on Danazol which causes weight gain as a side effect. I was lucky that I stayed the same weight without gaining, some people reported 20 pound weight gains on these meds. For 4-5 weeks the scale didn't move up or down. I was over due for a plateau, my body had gotten used to the diet and exercise program. I had to change my exercise and the diet at that point and started a food journal to track what I eat. I'm happy to report I started losing again.
The first 40 Pounds came off in just 11 Weeks but the next 40 pounds has taken 6 months even tough I’ve been really good on my diet. I’ll lose 8-10 pounds in a month and plateau the next month for a few weeks. I normally lose inches during the plateau period so tracking my measurements is important.
It’s now 10 months since I started dieting and walking no longer is a fitness challenge. I still walk but in order to get my hear rate up I’ve taken-up running.
I really recommend to anyone attempting weight loss to get proper fitting shoes and to join a walking or running club. It's opened up a whole new world of people that are already living a healthy life style. They encourage and motivate me to do the same. It's a very different approach to weight loss. Instead of joining a group of people trying to change their habits, I’m round people that are already living those health habits. It's a much more positive approach because they are examples of how I want to live.
I've been walking 6-12 Km everyday for months now. I've found my heart beat doesn't increase and it's become too easy. I've tried jogging but keep straining the inside lower muscle in my leg. A friend told me that I was wearing the wrong shoes. I had paid $140.00 for Merrell running shoes that were supposed to be very good. I walk on the outside of my feet therefore chose flat soled shoes. The Running Room has shoes for all types of feet. As it turns out my feet need Neutral support. I got fitted and it cost $60.00 for my Brooks Glycerin8 shoes. I joined the running class that night. I bought a shirt and socks then changed from my work clothes and went running. We ran 3 Km, one minute running and one minute walking for 10 sets and I didn't have any leg pain. The shoes were amazing! I run 3 times a week.
The people there are extremely positive and all members encourage each other. The Running Room offers a walking group too.

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