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7/1/12 7:48 P

Just make the meals kinda "random" to fit you. Start a day with lunch, and just track that lunch and dinner and your snacks. Then the next day put the breakfast there. However, it can be confusing. It may just help you to eat for the day, write it down and then put it all in at the end.

GANDERGIRL26 Posts: 183
7/1/12 7:23 P

Thanks Jen! Several people had made mention of this type of tracking so I thought I was missing something. Thanks for the clarification.

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7/1/12 2:41 P

There's not a way to change the tracker so that you track lunch through breakfast. So you'd just need to track the way it is now, or know that you'll have to do it over 2 days.

Sorry about that!

Coach Jen

GANDERGIRL26 Posts: 183
7/1/12 1:48 P

Thanks for the advice! What I'm actually trying to do is track my food starting with lunch and ending with breakfast the next day. I could do this using the current set up, but I was wondering if one could change day somehow to start with lunch and end with breakfast the next day.

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7/1/12 1:39 P

If you pre plan your meals you never have to track. I've never tracked a day in my life.

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7/1/12 10:06 A

I am not sure but I think what your asking is how to change where to track your meal...if so just click on the button that says breakfast and choose lunch or dinner. Tracking everything at the end of the day can lead to problems of going over your calories and/or forgetting to track items. Why not try planning what you will eat for the day and key it in the morning. I pretty much know what I am going to eat for the day in the morning, because I try to plan ahead of time so that I don't go over and my food choices are already made.

GANDERGIRL26 Posts: 183
7/1/12 9:24 A

Hi All,
I'm finding that tracking food starting with breakfast isn't working for me, by the end of the day I just give up. I think if I end with breakfast I will have the wiilpower to make it until lunch.
So my question is, for those of you who track starting from a different meal, how do you keep track of it? Is there a way to switch your food tracker to start with a different meal or do you have to keep track of it your self?

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