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3/24/12 9:13 P

DROPCONE-wow, you make me wish i had a job where i was allowed to have my cellphone on me (i work in a jail and have to leave it outside the facility in my car or lockbox). your plan of action is brilliant!

DROPCONE Posts: 1,592
3/24/12 11:08 A

Here is how I'm handling my binge eating now:

I have my current weight loss progress on a post-it on my fridge and on each food-containing cabinet. If I'm going to reach in there, I also have my goals right there too.

I eat on a schedule. Five times a day. Not any other times. My phone is set to alarm at those times, with a pretty cheerful tune that I find pleasing.

Usually, if I'm "hungry" at another time, it's actually sadness, loneliness, fear, boredom or anger. How I handle those feelings can vary, but I know it's not hunger, because I just ate a good meal less than three hours ago.

It's working so far. I'm eating more of what I intend to eat and the mindless grazing is happening a lot less.

It sounds to me like you might be kind of bored in the afternoons. Maybe you can take up a hobby while your kids nap? Something creative that engages your mind and keeps your hands out of the cabinets!

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3/24/12 9:48 A

I agree with redshoes. Get that food out of your house. I do not buy anything junk, no matter how healthy you are trying to be, if its there you'll eat it (I would anyway)

If you can't stop snacking and mindless eaating in the afternoon, binge on carrots, celery, cucumbers, veggies veggies veggies, and your calorie range leads me to believe you arent working out so I would reccommend moving.

Good luck! You'll get there

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3/24/12 9:08 A

1. why do you have this food in the house- you found out it is not good for you it isn't any better for the family either.. we women tend to transfer bad habits over onto our family when we can't do it to ourselfs..
2. mothers tend to be busy from the moment they open eyes it makes sense to eat more in the mornings to avoid getting over hungry.. I had to ADHD toddlers their energy could have me like a dead battery by lunchtime when both over active and on their toes..

3 small er main meals and use your fruit and milk products as snacks. I get hungry before bed so have 2 fruits and ½ of my yogurt products make into a dessert..

4. quality of the food- if you eat alot of processed foods it is not going to carry you as well as making everything from the base up and it will consume your calorie limit really fast combined with not getting enough exercise..

5. if it is boredom eating grab a pram- stuff the kids in it and go for a long walk.. the fresh air and the change of scenery simmer down even my two rug rats back then..


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3/23/12 7:34 P

My calories should be between 1320 and 1720, although I'm trying to stick at around 1500/day. I have all different things before it (my lunch) and it can be veggies and a pita, sandwiches, soups, chicken strips, jambalaya, I find soup fills me up better, but my kids hate it.

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3/23/12 7:05 P

What are you eating before then? What are your calorie goals/ranges?

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3/23/12 6:52 P

I could eat all afternoon long, I'm at home with my kids during that day (and my son sleeps at that time so I'm in the house, close to the kitchen), I could eat bowls of chips, ice cream, veggies, anything, it's mindless eating.

So my question is, how do/would you stop it? I feel starving if I don't eat I swear all my daily calories in 2-3 hours. Will that starving feeling eventually stop? I feel like I could force myself to stop doing it if I knew eventually that feeling would go away, it just feels easier to give in to the craving rather than fight it every single day.

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