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9/21/12 6:54 P

When I saw in the original post about 'I'll start Monday', I have absolutely been there! The key to me is remembering to start NOW. When I get off track, I don't think about starting fresh the next week, I think about starting it right then, that I can get it right immediately, that a fresh start doesn't have to be on a Monday but the minute I make a decision that I want to be better. Otherwise, I use it as an excuse to not be healthy until Monday rolls around, and usually I've already gotten off track before I realize it's Monday. I really think the key to staying motivated, as someone already posted, is to be realistic about it. Don't think about NEVER going over your calorie allowance or working out EVERY day, and don't beat yourself up if have a bad day (or two or three!), just tell yourself you know you can do better the next day, and you will :)

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9/21/12 6:40 P

I took an interest in a healthy lifestyle and slowly adopted all of the habits. It's something you have to make part of your life! Unfortunately, there is no "stop" and "start."

Try not to be so strict, educate yourself on healthful eating, and employ new lessons and small goals every day. There is no rush! And you have to ENJOY life as you go.

I have a good quote for you, that you can think about in terms of your two beautiful children and new weight loss journey:

"The days are long, but the years are short."

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9/21/12 5:35 P

The only way I can stay motivate is with a plan. A food plan & an exercise plan. The minute I'm left to my own w/out a plan I act like a BAD child! LOL!

Let me encourage you to start your exercise slowly. How 'bout putting both kids in the stroller & walking the neighborhood. They'll be getting out; getting fresh air & you'll be walking. When the weather get's too cold for that, load up & go to a BIG mall & do your walking there.

Do you have any other "mommy" friends that are in your same situation? Maybe you could be the encourager to get everyone together for walking, etc. Perhaps you could share recipes; be accountability partners, etc. I find that when I'm doing exercise or food plans with another friend - we keep each other honest. IF I'm down, she's up; and vice versa.

Also, read some of the blogs on here about how others are losing weight & I think you'll get motivated. Find new recipes; reorganize your fridge & pantry to make the most healthy food what you ALWAYS see first -

You can do this - good luck dear.

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9/21/12 4:34 P

Hello! My name is Neomi and I am 19. I have two boys 16 months and 4 months and I am trying to loose the baby weight. I tried Insanity but my knees hurt too much after the third week so I stopped for a while and havent picked back up.

Since stopping Ive gone totally down hill with workouts and my eating! I keep telling myself "Okay next week Ill start" "Okay Monday." but I never do. Im super tired with both boys and taking care of stuff around the house. But I swear I keep making excuses and I know it!!

So how do you stay motivated??

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