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TOMCAT73 Posts: 68
7/25/12 12:21 A

Thanks everyone. I guess I'll just have to try harder. I really did try hard today, but I still didn't make it. I was aiming for 1400 calories. I had cereal with a banana and milk this morning, a homemade curry chickpea burger with 2 tortillas, hummus, and a salad with spinach, zucchini, and avocado for lunch. I also had grapes, apple, and yogurt. I was still full around 6:30pm, so I went for a run and didn't feel very well. I ended up making a protein smoothie and having some cottage cheese and crackers. I think I made it to about 1350, so very close at least!

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
7/23/12 8:31 A

Tomcat - back to your original may want to consider having some real food instead of the protein shake...any one of the suggestions given by the coach above would be great.

You may also want to look at the calorie/fat content of what you're eating and see if there are any swaps you can do to up the calories. Some examples--are you using skim milk? Switch to 1% or even 2%. Go for the higher calorie yogurts or cheeses. Throw in a handful of nuts with a meal, or a slice of avacado on your sandwich.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,296
7/23/12 8:23 A

if you're eating 300-400 cals at a go, you need to eat more meals and more often to make your goals [increase to 4-5 time a day]. if you don't want to eat more often, you need to eat more each time you eat [increase to 400-500 cals]. mathematically speaking, you don't have any other options. because while you might not like either option, you need to pick one of them, because you can't increase your calories without eating more or more often. so pick the one you dislike the least.

TOMCAT73 Posts: 68
7/23/12 7:58 A

Fitting in snacks is going to be a challenge. I don't really like to snack and I'm pretty full until lunch, when I work out and have my shake. By the time my workout is over its 1 or 2 and then I'm full again until dinner.

7/22/12 8:26 P

Dear SEEALL30--
As an adult, I respect your right to eat as you feel is most appropriate for your body.

As the Registered Dietitian for Sparkpeople, it is my job to make surre that our site guidelines and the content provided is safe for our 12 million members. This is not a medically supervised program, therefore 1200 is the minimum calorie amount set for females and 1600 for males. To "suggest" that eating 600 calories daily is fine as long as one feels OK, is dangerous and inappropriate nutrition information.

This site does not allow dangerous nutrition or fitness suggestions to be given. There is no way to meet nutritional needs on such a calorie (very low calorie) diet. This diet should only be used under medical supervision, lab tests being run regularly and weekly check-ins regarding blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, and medication adjustment with a physician.

Thank you for following our Sparkpeople safety guidelines with your future posting on our site.

And I do encourage you to continue with follow up appointments with your physician; hopefully every week, or every other week.

SP Dietitian Becky

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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7/22/12 6:56 P

No one is saying you can't have an opinion. This message board is *full* of opinions. It's about recommending things that are directly contradicting of Sparkpeople's recommendations. There's a reason they set that minimum. As far as I've been able to determine, ETL is not a very low calorie diet. It's not a calorie-counting diet at all, so recommending it wouldn't be against those recommendations.

However, you have consistently told people, point blank, that it's okay to undereat. That's potentially dangerous. I'm glad it works for you. I hope that you don't hurt yourself in the long run; you haven't been doing it long enough to tell, and given your weight, it's probably worth the risk in the short term. But you've made it quite clear in the past that you aren't interested in hearing opposing recommendations either, so I guess we're at an impasse.

I wish you the best. If Sparkpeople doesn't suit your needs (as every bit of evidence I've seen when you post here seems to indicate) then that's okay. Not every method is suitable for every single person out there. I hear that ETL has a community too. Perhaps they'd be more open to ETL principles.

SEEALL30 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/22/12 6:47 P

I missed when I signed up where it said saying anything against what we tell you to do is not allowed. Now that I see that, I see where a lot of people on these boards are in violation of this term. Myself included, because there is noway I could close weight at what they suggest for me.. I have proved that for years. With that said, I must now leave SP because I believe everyone has the right to their opinion and should be able to let others know what works for them, as I have, without pushing it on anyone. With that said, thank you for pointing that out and later! :)


DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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7/22/12 6:36 P

No, Seeall, it's just if I see people making recommendations counter to the Sparkpeople program, I'm not going to ignore it. Why? Because frankly, the rules say as much. It's in the community guidelines, which you agreed to when you decided to participate in the community. Don't like it? Take it up with Sparkpeople.

"All SparkPeople diet advice has been approved by a Registered Dietician because it is considered to be a serious health issue. Because of this, please be careful about what you recommend to others, as it could be dangerous if you go outside of medically-accepted boundaries. We encourage members to help each other using the SparkPeople recommendations. We do not allow members to promote diets that directly contradict our program recommendations."

Eating 600 calories is pretty medically accepted to be dangerous for most people. I wish you the best of luck, but remember that the number of calories is pretty important for most people... and science has backed that up time and time again.

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MISALINDA SparkPoints: (22,236)
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7/22/12 6:23 P

When I find myself having trouble reaching my calories, I check to see if I have too many veggies filling me up, or too many low/no fat items. I nice piece of cheese or chocolate help.

I could live on cheese!

Just watch your fat.

SEEALL30 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 74
7/22/12 6:22 P

DRAGONCHILDE - Question for you... you gonna hit up everyone that posts about the ETL program and say the same? For the record I am not "under the care of a doctor" about this. My doc is all for it, but he is not suggesting anything to me (counter to what others have assumed in other threads). I am following the ETL program set forward by Dr. Fuhrman. It is a vegetarian/vegan program that lots of people here at SP follow. I do not push this on anyone, as I did not in the comment I posted. I simply asked how the person was feeling and let them know my experiences. What's good for 1 may not be good for another... but knowledge is king. Always good to have more info, than to wish you knew about things when it's too late. You feel that someone shouldnt eat less than 1200, and others agree with you... however, I disagree with that and other people agree with me as well... that's how this world goes 'round, but I am not telling anyone not to listen to people that say you have to eat 1200 minimum... unlike others. :)

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7/22/12 6:12 P

Seeall, while I'm glad that your program has worked for you, it's not a good idea to recommend others follow your program, as it is diametrically opposed to Sparkpeople's recommendations, and for most people is likely dangerously low. The vast majority of the population is going to need more than 900 calories a day to function, and less than 1200 it's difficult to get the minimum nutrition you need to meet your body's basic metabolic needs. You're under the care of a doctor. Don't apply what your doctor is recommending for you to other people. No one should be attempting a VLC (very low calorie) diet without direct medical supervision.

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7/22/12 5:53 P

How are you feeling eating that amount of calories? I ask this because I average 650-900 calories a day and feel great (I am 6 foot 1, and currently 445#'s)! As long as your body isn't kicking your butt, and you are getting the nutrients you need, I wouldn't sweat the # of calories you are eating... unless your body tells you different. At 650-900 calories daily, I have lost 29#'s in the past 34 days, including a burst of 9#'s in the last 4 days. Listen to your body and you will be golden :)

Fitness Minutes: (42)
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7/22/12 5:38 P

I never usually have that problem haha

Well 1,200 is the lowest you can go without starving your body, however, it's impossible to get all the proper nutrients in that amount of calories.

Well exercise will increase your appetite especially if it's intense like running. If your schedule allows it, maybe you can either break up your workout or add another later on.

7/22/12 5:31 P

Include 1-2 planned snacks with about 100-150 calories each.

1/2 a turkey sandwich
lowfat cottage cheese and fruit
small lowfat yogurt
veggies and hummus

Dietitian Becky

TOMCAT73 Posts: 68
7/22/12 5:09 P

I've been sticking between 1200-1500 calories a day, just kind of cycling. I can reach 1200 fine, but if it's 1400, I have a bit of trouble. I eat a pretty good breakfast (300-400 cals), but I work out at noon and have a protein shake after. That's about 300 calories and I find I'm too full to eat an actual meal along with it. So I'm up to 700, but still have another 700 to go. I can't see myself eating a 700 calorie dinner, so any advice?

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