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7/8/12 5:12 P

As far as his weight it sounds right, he is lean. When I was in the military I was bulked up to 235 lbs, working out all the time, but now I am at 180 lbs and it is easier to carry my weight if you can understand that. I am also 6 foot tall. I think you just liked the more padding on him because that is what you are use to seeing. To reassure yourself, have him go to a nutritionist (not just a normal doctor as most of them only go off of a BMI chart) and have him get check out.

Missing meals is not good either, if he is working out of his vehicle them maybe buy the bulk boxes of replacement meal bars that will not go bad just sitting out in the truck. Then at least he has them if he wants them or needs them for the head aches. Good Luck

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7/5/12 1:17 P

6'0, 170 is right in the middle of a healthy BMI. I'd leave him alone. If he's getting moody because he's hungry, call him a diva and offer him a Snicker's bar.

7/5/12 10:01 A

I guess I'm concerned, not because it's "shallow" (nothing wrong with shallow in my book. If you like a man to look a certain way then that's your preference), but because you seem to care about it far more than your husband does.

Trying to change someone else -- especially someone who doesn't want to be changed -- doesn't usually lead to success.

I just think a better approach might be to talk to your husband about your concerns and try to encourage him and help him. Can you pack him lunches filled with things that are delicious, and easy to eat on the run? Hard boiled eggs, trail mix, protein shakes, those little babybel cheese rounds that come in the red wax wrapper? Nagging him is not likely to build his enthusiasm for your project, but making it easier for him might.

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7/5/12 9:02 A

I don't really know if he needs to gain weight, he is probably not underweight according to BMI, but he has this lifestyle and job now where he's always on call to work and skips meals, which gives him headaches, makes him irritable, and he really looks like his lean muscle has atrophied. When I hug him he feels "bony" and yes, it bugs me. I hope that doesn't sound shallow or anything, he's a very nice looking guy. I just feel like he's neglecting his nutritional needs. When I said "nag" I meant that I am always saying "Did you eat? Aren't you going to take time to eat lunch? Should I pack you a lunch?" and he always grumpily says "no I have to go" and takes off to work, often skipping a meal.

I will try to ask him if he will consider packing things like trail mix and protein shakes in his work van. Also, I joined a gym just last week, and I would like him to become a member for a few dollars a month more, and we could work out together. The idea sounds fun and we could have some "we" time. Honestly, I don't think he thinks about weight at all, he never had to, but when he was in the military years ago, he was more athletic and seemed to have more muscle mass, and now he has a job where he drives around a lot, and does a lot of kneeling and bending. He has little time for sports anymore too. When I see him at the lake shirtless I can see ribs now where he never looked like that before, and it just bugs me. It shouldn't because obviously I don't have the perfect body being overweight, but I thought it would be nice to improve our physiques together.

7/4/12 7:32 P

My first question to you is: Does your husband want or need to gain weight, or do you want him to? If his weight loss isn't unhealthy, and it's not bothering him, then it might be best to leave well enough alone.

With that said, if your husband does want to gain weight, he needs to find a way to supplement the calories he's taking in without eating unhealthy junk.

My eldest son is on a weight-gain eating program. He's 6'5" and has gone from about 120 lbs to 165 lbs, which he's maintained for the last few years. In addition to eating 3 regular meals + 2 snacks, he is supposed to have 2 high-protein, high calorie nutrition shakes (such as Boost, Ensure, etc.) per day. In addition, he is encouraged to eat ice cream (high in calories + good nutritional value) and bagels (very high in calories).

Probably best to consult a nutritionist if you're not sure, to make sure that he's gaining weight healthfully.

(Edited to be a bit less harsh. Didn't mean to be, but can't do "nuance" in text)

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7/4/12 1:50 P

Hi, I am on this site because I want to lose weight, but my husband is one of those people who can eat whatever he wants, and he is thin and lanky. He's 6'0, and 175-180. (lol same as I weigh but I am 5'4) He has a job where he's on call all the time, and often skips meals because he literally works 15 hour days. I am nagging him partly because he looks as if he's lost muscle and getting too skinny looking, and it kind of bugs me. What foods should I try to buy to help him gain and me lose, so we both can- well- look sexier? :)

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