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4/25/12 8:15 P

can you eat your lunch at your desk so you can use your lunch hour to work out? maybe there is a gym nearby or in the building?

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4/25/12 9:12 A

It's definitely easier getting up earlier...and by easier I mean painful! BUT...i have found that getting my workout in before the kids are up and moving leaves me with time in the evenings for cleaning, cooking and playing with the kids. I am a single mom of two lovely children (11 & almsot 8) who require a lot of my time after work. Over the last couple of weeks i have adjusted my schdule to wake up earlier. I used to get up at 6:15 to be out of the house by 7:05 and to work by 7:25...but now I am up at 5am, getting in a 45 minute workout, breakfast and a shower all by 6:30 when the kids get up. start out slowly, do 15 minutes this week and adding another 10 each week until you hit your desired time. If i start to feel sluggish at lunch i have a pillow in my car and take a 20 minute nap! The nice thing is come 9:15 i'm ready for my bed and to close my eyes and turn off my brain. It's difficult to get the pattern going, but in the long run it's so much nicer to have all that free time with my family! Good Luck!

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4/11/12 6:02 P

Thank you all so much for your advice! I really appreciate it. Sounds like I may just have to try going to bed a little earlier and getting up earlier. I used to workout on my lunchbreak, but now I only get a half hour for lunch, leaving not a whole lot of time. My son is 3, and my mom watches him for me during the day while I work. I've been trying to get in bed earlier so that I can get up and workout, but my boyfriend is a night owl that likes to talk my ear off all night.
I think I just need to get more assertive, do less for everyone else, and more for myself. Then, I may get stuff done.

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4/4/12 9:09 A

Can you incorporate activity that includes your son? I may have missed if you put his age, but if he is involved in any sports you might be able to do some walking while he's at practice. I used to walk around the soccer or baseball complex while my kids were at practice. Now my son drives so I don't have to worry about him but I still do that sometimes when my daughter has practice. I also do things with my daughter (bike riding, walking the dog, etc.) that involve some type of activity. I've also been known to run up and down the stairs at home during commercials when I can't get out of the house to go to the gym.

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4/4/12 9:08 A

I would suggest getting up half an hour to an hour earlier and squeeze in even 20 minutes if you can. If that's not a possibility, my other suggestion would be taking a walk by yourself in the evening after dinner. It may not be the "workout" you're looking for, but it's something, and it is nice to get that time after a long day to clear your head. Maybe you could head to the gym during your lunchtime? Even 20 minutes would make a difference.

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4/4/12 7:57 A

I am a 34 year old mother of 2 (3 & 11) who works fulltime outside the home. My typical work-week day is this:
4:30-4:50ish am Wake up
I am working out by 5 - workout anywhere from 25-50 minutes.
5:45-6ish play on the computer with SP tracking my workout.
In the shower by 6.
6:15 wake-up the 11 year old, get ready, eat breakfast, get the 3 year old up and ready, get both girls some sort of small snack/breakfast.
6:45 Husband comes home from the gym.
7 - we are all out the door together.
Drop the girls off at school/daycare, at work by 7:45-8:00.
Off work at 4:30. Pick the girls up, home by 5:15.
Make dinner, make sure rooms are clean and homework is done, shuttle girls to gymnastics 2 nights a week.
In bed no later than 10, usually by 9:30.
Husband typically does dishes, we clean whenever we have the energy, usually on weekends, but keep the house picked up and tidy during the week (mostly my husband).

If I don't workout first thingin the morning, it likely won't get done. I had a class pass to my husband's gym for awhile and was also doing 2 classes a week in the evenings in addition to the above schedule. But, I ran out of punches, andthey haven't been on sale again. I may also fit in 10 minutes here or there on a weekend or an evening, and my oldest and I are planning on doing Couch to 5K two evenings a week and on Sunday mornings starting soon.

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4/4/12 4:56 A

There are stretching programs that you can do in an office chair and you might encourage other staff members to join you as it will improve their posture, reduce stress and workplace injury like carpal tunnel syndrome. If you can do some of your job standing up and walking around as opposed to sitting than all the better. If you have an hour for lunch, you can use 30 mins to go for a walk. Other simple every day routines include taking stairs rather than elevators or walking quickly down the grocery aisles.
Good luck!

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4/3/12 6:19 P

Hi everybody. I'm a 29 year old mother working full time and trying to maintain a household. My son and I share a house with my boyfriend and his 2 daughters. My problem lately? I can't seem to find the time to exercise, which frustrates me to no end. Every morning, I get up at 6:30 to get ready for work (starts at 8:30, but I have to transport my son to my mom's and leave my house @ 7:30). I get off work at 5, but by the time I pick up my son and get home it's after 6:30, then time for baths, bed, and housework. I usually don't go to sleep until after midnight. I work an office job, so my job is sedentary, and doesn't help with weight loss. To those of you that do this successfully, do you have any pointers? I'm going crazy here.

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