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11/27/12 10:27 P

Drinking them is a good idea, but I already drink fruit juices and milk and still don't get there. Milk gives me bad indigestion, so a cup a day with my cereal is about all I can take. Can't really afford nuts, other than peanuts, and I don't really like peanuts.

Becky, I'll PM you. I need help.

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11/27/12 7:28 A

What is your height and weight?
Feel free to spark-mail me for more confidentiality.
Also...making your nutrition tracker public, will help us to give more tips and suggestions. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.
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11/26/12 11:42 P

To increase calories, try drinking them.... like have a couple glasses of real fruit juice or milk. That'll be enough to get you to the 1200 mark. Also foods like nuts or dried fruits are very calorie dense and it's easy to get 200 calories worth without having to eat a lot of them.

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/26/12 11:18 P

Yes, it's 1200 to 1550. I'll never get to 1550! I have trouble getting to 1200, because I eat so many raw fruits and veggies and so little meat. I'm in constant starvation mode, and I know that's what's keeping me from losing.

Any suggestions, other than just eating more?

I do have a medication protocol coming up where I have to eat 80 grams of fat a day, so I'm hoping that will help me get up to 1200. I'm usually at around 900 to 1,000. To give you an idea, most of what I eat is on the zero points menu at weight watchers.

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11/25/12 7:40 P

When you set up your program with Sparkpeople and enter your personal data (gender, age, height, weight,weekly weight loss goal, etc) you get a calorie range for weight loss. Have you found this calorie range?

This link will take you to the formulas we use:

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

RIKKI52 Posts: 112
11/25/12 7:34 P

Is there a chart somewhere I can use to figure out how many calories I need to eat? I tend to not eat enough calories, so I'm going to make a conscious effort to eat more.

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