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9/11/12 10:26 A

Skip are you all set???

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9/11/12 9:17 A

** Oh, I just re-read the original post.
My suggestion did not apply!

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9/11/12 7:07 A

Hi, the .05 of a recipe is equal to one half. But, the question is one half of "what"? So, you need to check the amount that is in the memory for that product and then decide how much you want to add to your nutrition plan. Write to me, I'll be happy to help. emoticon .

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9/10/12 6:11 P

I am new also and having trouble understanding how to put in a can of diced tomatoes into a recipe... it says .05 servings... and I just want to say I put in 2 cans...

But in this short time... (OK a couple hours) to get something to reoccur like a turkey sandwich you must put it in as a recipe. If you do this you just click the recipe turkey sandwich you made and no need to enter in all the different ingredients.

I couldn't find my restaurant meal I am having tonight, so I made my own recipe and saved it for the next time I have it! GOOD LUCK!!! (it seems like making a recipe is less work and can be shared)

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9/9/12 4:07 P

Thank you....exactly what I meant...

Now, let me see if I understand your want to enter your meals and don't see any way other than all around the world...something like that? Have you tried to put your food in the box and search to see if it's already entered into the computer by someone else?? With the number of people using this system, chances are most of these things are in there, but it just takes a few times of getting used to doing it the way the program wants you to do it.

First, under the word "search" in the nutrition section, do you see where it reads" What did you eat"? Let's say you had a hard-boiled egg.... First, try "egg" and select the search key. If the section remains blank, let's try, "hard-boiled egg". I can't be sure which way it's filed inside the program...that's kind of quirky.

So, the next step would be to give that a try.

I hope this is understandable, I'm at a disdvantage in that I don't know how computer literate you may or may not be...but no question is too silly. Takes time to get the swing of this and then, it's so easy.

Do let me know what happens?? And good luck!!

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9/9/12 3:33 P

Not sure what you mean by copies, but I have an account and my wife has a separate account.

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9/9/12 3:28 P

Question....are you using one or two copies of emoticon

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8/30/12 3:31 P


Thanks for your reply, but I may be approaching this question the wrong way

Rathe than try to decipher the site, let me just say that I am simply trying to find a convenient way for my wife and I to be able to enter a meal we just share without each of us having to separately type in each ingredient. the SP people have balked at this, but if you think about it, it is pretty logical when you have a couple in one home doing this together.

Last night we sat on the couch and had to recite to each other every ingredient of every meal we just shared that day.

There must be an easier way. ?

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8/28/12 10:15 A

If you don't enter it as a recipe, then you may need to enter each individual item in your nutrition tracker so that you have more accurate numbers for your nutrition totals. So if you make an omelet with one egg and two egg whites, you can enter each of those in your nutrition tracker, along with what you put in your omelet.

If you are not sure how to use the nutrition tracker, you may want to view this quick tutorial video:

Coach Denise

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8/27/12 4:04 P

I am struggling a lot with this SparkPeople site. Everything I put in as a meal must assume I eat at Arby's. All of my meals are home-cooked. I cannot figure out how to enter something simple, like a turkey sandwich on two slices of wheat break with provolone cheese or a French omelet with cheese and tomato.

Also, for example. an omelet with one who egg and two egg whites. no way to do that.

I am not trying to create a recipe, just put in my food intake to track.

I have not idea how to do this. Help?

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