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10/26/12 11:32 A

Hi, this worked for me..I can't keep my home junk food free..I think doing that is selfish by denying my family the treats they enjoy. I'm the only person that needs to lose weight. I rearranged the pantry so the familys snacks are toward the side on the top shelf out of direct view from me. What I see in direct view when I open the pantry is can and boxed items. Then MY snacks, Special K cracker and popcorn chips, mini rice cakes, 90 calorie cereal bars, and healthier options. If I am around when they are enjoying their snacks, I find something else to do as a deversion such as call a friends, take a walk, get on Spark. If we are watching a movie or doing something as a family I tell myself I DON"T need to EAT during a movie/TV SHOW! If the urge strikes, I keep sliced apples, grapes, in the fridge to munch on, or a few of my Special K popcorn chips, or air pop some popcorn and a few spritzes of 0 calorie butter spray.

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10/24/12 1:45 P

When you say "your family" do you mean your husband and kids or your parents? Because that will determine how you handle this.

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10/23/12 12:59 P

This is a tough one, I don't think it is to much to ask but you can't expect people to do it or keep it in their mind all the time. Sometimes you might just have to walk away too-physically leave the room, go for a mini walk whatever it takes. I would designate a shelf/cupboard as a safe zone and if their tempting snack end up there you let them know you will throw them in the trash or flush hem or whatever it takes to keep them out of your mouth. Give them their own safe zone away from yours so there is no reason for them to be in your space by accident. You have to be strong and limit your exposure too-you can do this!
Society doesn't look at food addiction like a drug addiction because we all need food and if you have never struggled with it it's impossible for people to understand, but your core people should be able to help you like they would if you were struggling with booze or drugs. You will have to learn to be around temptation as you go but just keep asking them for a little bit of support. Good luck

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,803
10/23/12 8:10 A

"but is it so much to ask that while I am still "fragile" in my recovery that they just eat that stuff somewhere else?"

Sorry, but yes, it is too much to ask.
Everyone around you should not have to change just because you did. Learning to deal with outside influences is part of this journey. There is always going to be trigger foods and/or excess junk around us, and we have to learn to deal with that.

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10/23/12 7:50 A

I have to agree that it may not be reasonable to expect family members to change how they eat in their own home for you. A little consideration might be nice but people are people. And food is always around us. Part of the journey is learning to adapt in a healthy way.

There is a recipe for kale chips on the recipe site. Perhaps have some of these for when the family has their chips. Have cocoa on hand to throw in some yogurt or to mix with some frozen bananas when they have their chocolate.

Most naturally thin people do not avoid sweets/treats. They are just able to portion control and only indulge occasionally. We overweight people get started and don't stop. Sigh.......

So start working on the portion control and occasional thing now as you enjoy your program treats as the family enjoys their treats.

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10/23/12 12:49 A

I used to feel resentment towards my fiance when he would eat sweets in front of me, or any junk foods, but then I realized, that's life. There will always be someone around eating something I might crave. I wouldn't ask a complete stranger not to eat something I like in front of me, so why should I expect that of my fiance? I realized that this is MY journey, and I needed to stop forcing those around me to join me.

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10/22/12 11:19 P

Unfortunately we cannot control what others do or eat, or where they do it. I know that you have asked your family to help support you, but just as small children often need telling things a number of times for it to sink in, you family may need this tactic, too! Call a family meeting and then explain to them ALL what you are trying to do for YOU and why. Ask them again to support you in this, and explain, again, that you aren't trying to deprive THEM, but rather ask that they eat it away from you. You MAY need a therapist to help you deal with YOUR addiction, but hopefully you will get through it o.k.

One more thing that I will add is that this isn't a journey of deprivation - there will be times right throughout your life where you will be faced with your tempters. Allow them in very occasionally, but use portion control. Otherwise you may find that your goal is very hard to achieve.

Good luck,

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10/22/12 10:05 P

I had to come here to vent. I am in my third week of getting back on track. I've lost ten pounds but still have 90 to go. I asked for the support of my family to not eat certain foods in front of me. Today, they ate potato chips in front of me. Then, when I looked in the place where I keep my snacks, a family-size chocolate bar fell out and almost hit me in the head. I know that this is my addiction and that I live in a house with other people but is it so much to ask that while I am still "fragile" in my recovery that they just eat that stuff somewhere else? I am purposely not buying junk and I have been baking healthy alternnatives for them to have. What else can I do besides moving out to get them to understand how difficult this is for me? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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