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4/14/12 12:58 A

My husband wants me to be a trophy wife. To be honest, I would like to look that great. But to be honest, his physique isn't anywhere near to a Greek god, How can he hold me to a higher standard that he is not willing to meet? How can he brush off our sex lives because we are not Barbie and Ken dolls? My motto is that the more sex there is the better attitude and physical attributes will emerge. I love having sex with DH. The problem is that I am on an SSRI antidepressant that kills any chance of orgasm. Where do we go from here to get over this stumbling block?

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4/13/12 2:54 P

Take care of yourself and make time for you. I think us mom's sometimes sacrifice too much of ourselves to care for our children that we forget to take care of ourselves. You might also find what when you work out, that you develop more energy despite the sleep deprivation.

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4/13/12 2:16 P


My baby has a few minor health problems and the paediatrician thinks this could be the cause of his bad sleeping pattern. We are currently trying to get him sleeping for longer spells so we are only up once or twice per night.

I just can't seem to find the motivation to keep going!! Although i am joining a new gym on monday that has a creche on the days that i dont work so i am hoping that will help me a lot.

My other problem is eating chocolate to perk me up and keep me going when i hit a slump... trying to use berries to do that instead, but so far its not working haha

I just need to get like you and MAKE time if tired or not!

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4/13/12 1:50 P

I have a few mom friends in the same boat, with poorly sleeping children, who have been poor sleepers since birth.

Luckily, my son is a good sleeper most of the time, but I have insomnia and last week my son was having screaming fits at bedtime so that compounded things.

They (and I) get out of bed, tired or not, and exercise anyways. This past week I have probably slept about 10 hours TOTAL (and it is now Friday) and by the time Sunday rolls around I'll have worked out 6 days, and run 50 miles. Oh, and I also work 3 jobs.

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4/13/12 9:33 A

First you need to understand why your child isn't sleeping through the night. My son didn't sleep through the night but after we moved him into his own room after turning 1, he slept all night. I think my husbands snoring kept waking him up. lol... That needs to be your focus before you can focus on you. After 3 months, they should be able to sleep through the night. Maybe talk to your pediatrition or some friends. You need energy to take care of yourself and your family! You also have to realize you can't do it all too. Maybe change by eating healthier and then adding in exercise. You will find that the better you eat, the more energy you will have too. I hope this helps!

4/13/12 8:28 A

I am in the same situation! it's not easy, even if you have the motivation.. You have to find the time and then have some energy left to do it.. I have a DVD with workout sessions of 10 minutes each (pilates), I think that's a great concept, you can do as little or as much as you can. Also I go for walks with the stroller. That way you get some exercise in and also spend time with your kids.

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4/13/12 3:51 A

Hi, I am looking for some advice on how to break the horrible catch 22 situation i am in!

I have a baby of 11 months and he does not sleep well during the night. I have 2 older children and work 3 days a week. I am stuck in a place where i want to exercise and eat healthy but trying to fit everything in is very difficult! I think up a plan and it goes well for a day or 2 then the exhaustion sets in and my motivation disappears and i slip back into my old ways.

How did you manage to get up, get motivated and keep everything going?

Thanks :)

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