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Hi, M

There are a lot of books and fad diets out there claiming to know the "secret" of weight loss. But there really isn't one right eating schedule for weight loss that's best for everyone--it's the overall balance between calories in and calories out over time that matters. However, how often you eat can affect your inividual appetite and energy level (especially if you exercise a lot), and these things in turn can affect how your weight loss goes. Some people, for example, are able to exercise longer and harder if they have a small meal a little while before exercise, but others have exactly the opposite experience. For many people, spreading their daily calories out into 4-5 smaller meals helps avoid drops and spikes in blood sugar, which is often associated with extra appetite, but that doesn't happen for everyone. For most people, it's better to avoid unbalanced meals, and to make sure each meal/snack includes some fiber and protein, not just fast-digesting carbs. Finally, in theory, getting most your daily calories in one large meal may increase fat storage while that meal is being digested, but as long as you maintain a calorie deficit over the day, even that shouldn't interfere with fat loss over the long term.

So, the bottom line is that you need to do what works best for in terms of keeping your energy up and your appetite down. It may take a little experimenting to find out what that means.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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I am so confused i read in one book 3 big meals and 1snack in 4hr distance

then eat every 3hrs

then there is one saying eat 2-3hr between meals
for example

6 breakfast

i dont know how big i should eat my meals

I am 15- 20lbs away from my goal

but i keep switching my food schedules because i am so confused which one is more effective and my BMR is 1570 how should i proportion my meals

i love running and i dont mind it do you guys think i should run before breakfast or after?????

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